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Texas regulates lawn sprinkler system installation, and only licensed installers are allowed by law to connect to city water. This page shows a component list based on a standard residential lawn sprinkler system installation for the Houston area. Houston Landscape Pros is licensed in the State of Texas and conform to all state laws. It is meant to show you what Houston Landscape Pros would use to install your lawn sprinkler system. For more information, visit our Texas Licensed Irrigator and learn more. Call us today or fill out a Free Sprinkler Quote. Above all, we come to you on site consultations!

New Sprinkler Components

  • Sprinkler Controller
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (aka PVB)
  • Isolated Valves
  • Electric Valves
  • Wiring and Electric Connectors
  • Rain Sensor
  • Rotors and Pop-ups
  • PVC Piping
  • Trenching
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Sprinkler Controller

There are a wide variety of landscape sprinkler controllers on the market. However, for residential lawn sprinkler system, we use Rainbird and Rachio, sprinkler controllers. In other words, due to their high reliability and design flexibility. At the moment the Rainbird ESP-TM2 with the wifi Module and Rachio Smart controller are the most recommended on the market. These are the most high-tech for sprinkler controllers that connect to wifi. Thus, allowing the user to control them with a mobile device through an app. That being the case, the app makes scheduling very convenient. For instance, it also makes adjustments by checking the weather through the wifi. These two models are suitable for four to twelve station sprinkler systems. We use the 3rd Generation Rachio wifi controller because we believe this controller is best in this class! In conclusion, if you are wondering how much water does your lawn require, visit Lawn Watering Needs-Texas.

lawn sprinkler system controller Houston
Rachio smart sprinkler controller Houston Landscape Pros

Rainbird EESP-TM2 and Rachio Smart Controllers

  • The Rainbird ESP-TM2 can serve as a basic lawn sprinkler system without installing the extra WiFi module. However, this controller is for smaller sprinkler systems with four to eight stations. All of these controllers have indoor and outdoor models.
  • This controller focuses on properties that would need eight to fifty-four stations. It has an optional smart controller feature called the Solar-Sync. Which measures local weather and has a rain sensor that will turn off the sprinkler system if it starts raining.
  • In conclusion, we also install a more basic controller for a lawn sprinkler system without the WiFi feature. Keep in mind that a base controller includes seasonal adjustment programming. In other words, flexible schedule times, a run time calculator, and other functions. Schedule yourself an annual check-up!

Rain/Freeze Sensor

The rain/freeze sensor monitors the rainwater in the yard, hence the name. When detects that rain has gone beyond preset level or if it has frozen the controller prevents watering until dry. The use of a rain/freeze sensor will conserve water and protect plants/turf from oversaturation. In other words, due to excess water from rainstorms. With this intention, our standard quotes include the Mini-Click rain/freeze sensor by Rainbird®. It is a reliable sensor that will work for many years without giving the homeowner problems. It can be preset to shut off the system after 1/8” to 1” of rainfall.

Lawn Sprinkler System Rain/Freeze Senor 77079

1” Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)

Lawn Sprinkler PVB Houston Katy

Before and After lawn sprinkler (PVB) installation.

A water backflow prevention unit is one of the essential parts of your lawn sprinkler system installation. It prevents water from going back to the main city line. Therefore, it prevents water contamination. After installation is complete, it will be inspected and certified by a TX licensed backflow inspector. The inspector will confirm that the unit was installed correctly and work properly. The vacuum breaker will also be checked against a database to make sure the unit not stolen. In the event there is water contamination in your area, city inspectors investigate houses with pressure vacuum breakers. If the vacuum breaker is not certified, it could cause significant problems for the homeowner.

Isolated Valves

In any proper sprinkler installation, you will have isolated valves that serve as an emergency shut-off. These valves will shut off water to the vacuum breaker in case of damage. In other words, due to exposed pipes or accidental breakage. Most Houston contractors do not bother to install them. Houston Landscape Pros always includes isolated valves because they are installed relatively quickly and cost very little.

Lawn sprinkler System installation Isolated Valves 77077

Electric Valves

Electric Valves Lawn Sprinkler 77077

The electric valves do open and close to allow water flow to specific landscape sprinkler stations. Therefore, we use Rainbird® electronic valves in our lawn sprinkler system because of their reliability in the industry. Consequently, they last longer and cause fewer problems during and after the installation. In addition, a second electric valve has a high potential for leakage. Above all, it results in expensive subsequent repairs and maintenance costs. You will have one electronic valve per landscape station. For more information check out our contact us form.

Wiring and Electric Connectors

The use of proper wires and electrical connectors is crucial in a lawn sprinkler system installation. The reason is that these wires are underground. For instance, over time, they can corrode. Using the proper wire gauge and appropriate electrical connectors will minimize or eliminate future costly repairs. In addition, remember that they are underground, so finding problems years later can take much digging (literally). In conclusion, Houston Landscape Pros also offers lawn sprinkler system repairs for clients that have an existing system.

Sprinkler Wiring and Electric Connectors 77407

Rotors and Pop-ups

Lawn Sprinkler System Rotors Pop-ups 77077

When designing most residential sprinkler systems, we use Rainbird® rotors and pop-up spray heads. In other words, with any lawn sprinkler system installation, we select components high reliability and proper water delivery. We choose the best materials available. After so many sprinkler installations, we know which parts will last and which ones will potentially cause problems. In addition, If you have any unanswered question, please visit the Lawn Sprinkler- FAQ page to learn more.

PVC Piping

Houston Landscape Pros uses PVC piping. However, it comes in a variety of grades that determine long term reliability. When installing a lawn sprinkler system, the schedule of piping refers to its wall thickness. For instance, in Houston, we use schedule 40 for any connecting to the main line and electric valves. The rest of the PVC piping can be composed of schedule 20 class pipes.

Lawn Sprinkler PVC Pipes


Trenching Lawn Sprinkler 77024

Trenches are not a physical component of the lawn sprinkler system. However, the pipes and electrical wires will go inside them. With this intent, the proper depth and width of the channels are necessary. Trenches in Houston’s mild climate should be a minimum of 6 inches in depth. For more questions, call us, and one of our Texas licensed irrigators would be happy to help you!

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