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A proper lawn sprinkler installation design is for conserving water, while also maintaining adequate water levels. This design is so that grass and plants can flourish. In other words, it starts with an appropriate form of irrigation, followed by a professional installation. Houston Landscape Pros is proud to have two State of Texas Licensed Irrigators. We have installed underground lawn sprinkler systems in Houston, Texas, for over 20 years. Above all, we have experience in large installations for apartments, buildings, warehouses, and single-family homes. The installation process for different property types can vary, but the principle of water conservation is the same. In conclusion, we design the most efficient irrigation systems to provide water for your lawn without wasting water.Why pay more for less service!

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Sprinkler System Design Phase

Another good practice for lawn sprinkler installing is a  Texas licensed irrigator contractor. They put water hydraulics and recommended PSI when designing your underground watering system. Basically, it allows your lawn sprinkler to be efficient and conserve water without sacrificing proper spray for your plants and grass. Houston Landscape Pros will advise you on the best practices for water conservation. One example is the adequate design of sprinkler zones. Lawn sprinkler installations in landscape beds, grass, and trees need to have their independent stations. Lawn Sprinkler Systems can also be on a set time schedule for each planted area, based on their specific water needs.

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Water Conservation

The ultimate underground watering system design should only cover green areas. Therefore, provide only the amount of water needed for the grass or plants that require watering. In other words, allow the sprinklers to miss fences or concrete areas. The design phase should take into consideration your grass, trees, and plants located in landscape beds. Sidewalks, driveways, and other fixtures need to be taken into account when drawing up the sprinkler system design. Using correct sprinkler pop-up spray heads and nozzles will allow proper flow to the plants while minimizing wind loss. Where appropriate, there should also be an installation of a drip sprinkler system.

Layout Design

Houston Landscape Pros will take the necessary steps to ensure the lawn and landscape have coverage without watering unnecessary areas. Furthermore, we will have a layout drawing that shows where every component of the system is in the yard. The layout helps in the event of adding landscape beds to your front yard or back yard. Another reason will be if you are adding a pool, patio deck, or selling your house! Go ahead and fill out an irrigation quote form or speak with one of our friendly representatives!

Water Conservation No-No’s

  • Spraying water over sidewalks or driveways

  • Cover landscape beds, lawn/grass areas, and trees all with the same irrigation station

  • Use pop-up heads in an area less than 48 inches wide that is bordered by concrete on both sides. (as per State of Texas Law Requirements)

  • Install a low-quality Rain Sensor

Selecting Proper Parts

Houston Landscape Pros only uses commercial-grade irrigation components so your system will have the most updated parts. Therefore, the underground watering system works more efficiently and lasts longer. Believe it or not, large manufacturers like Hunter or Rainbird make inferior parts found in home improvement stores. To the untrained eye, they look identical. For a lawn sprinkler installation, commercial-grade parts will make our quote about 5% higher. However, it is better to pay for a quality product upfront than pay more later in repair costs. In the long run, the savings in your water will pay for the increasing cost of using commercial parts. To learn more about lawn sprinkler repair, please read more on our page.

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Improper Installation to look for:

Proper installation is critical to make sure your plants and lawn get enough water. Many lawn sprinkler system contractors will provide much lower prices than a licensed irrigator because they cut corners during installation. Beware of unscrupulous or inexperienced installers. To avoid calculating proper water pressure needed, they may start with a larger pipe than required.

Another way unscrupulous companies cut corners is by spraying the grass and landscape beds at the same time. This practice is common where landscaping beds are on opposite corners. They cover everything with one station rather than separating the landscaping beds from lawn areas and using two stations. Remember, grass and landscape beds need different watering time schedules. For example, flowers need more water than grass. If you have one station for both, you end up flooding the lawn and not receiving enough water for your flowers. This scenario also applies to shrubs and trees.

Programming and Watering Schedule

Programming your underground irrigation system is essential. Therefore, you must schedule your lawn sprinkler to deliver the right amount of water based on the season. Having a system that allows you to program for the entire year is crucial. This technology prevents you from adjusting the schedule every time the season changes. For example, in Houston, Texas, January requires 36% less water than June. To learn more about water requirements for your lawn in Houston, go to the page titled Lawn Water Needs. However, if you are the type of person that would rather set and forget about it, you should consider installing a smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controller like the Rachio.

Followup After Installation

After lawn sprinkler installation, we revisit your home for an inspection of the entire system. We test to make sure that the spray nozzles are not clogged up with dirt and are spraying correctly. Occasionally, the pop-up heads and rotters can shift or tilt due to loose soil. We make any necessary corrections during the follow-up inspections. Undoubtedly, we follow up after one week of the installation. Of course, if you notice anything unusual, call us, and we will visit your property upon your request.

Sprinkler Repairs if Needed

We warranty 100% parts and labor for a full year for any problems that may arise due to workmanship. As a rule of thumb, a Lawn sprinkler system that does not give you problems the first year. In other words, it will tend to last for ten plus years without significant issues. Houston Landscape Pros works hard to achieve a proper design and installation so that your system can last as long as possible without needing repairs. Visit the lawn sprinkler repair page for more details on this service.

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Sprinkler System Warranty

We warranty 100% parts and labor for Three(3) full year for any problems that may arise due to workmanship. As a rule of thumb, a Lawn sprinkler system should not give you problems within the first year of installation. However, we have instilled this warranty to tackle any unplanned issues. Unquestionably, a new sprinkler system tends to last for ten plus years without significant problems. Further, Houston Landscape Pros works hard to achieve a proper design and installation so that your new Lawn sprinkler system can last as long as possible.

We ensure the most high-quality products to protect you from needing repairs! All in all, please visit the Lawn Sprinkler Repair page for more details on this service.

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