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What is better than admiring a beautiful landscape on a sunny day?  A wonderfully illuminated home, even at night! Outdoor landscape lighting will immediately enhance the overall appearance of any lawn, landscape design, or water feature. Start appreciating the benefits of a well-lit property today. Equally, give yourself the gift of a long-term lighting investment that will add value to your property for years to come.  When selling your home, lighting could differentiate your home from a similar listing. Therefore, pushing those on the lookout for a new property to buy your home instead of another! Landscape lighting will increase the enjoyment, curb appeal, and usability of your outdoor space. Accordingly, Houston Landscape Pros does outdoor landscape lighting installations in Houston for any residential or commercial property. Please contact us today at (713) 396-3320 to speak with our customer service team.

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Front Yard Landscape Lighting

Add beauty and security to your home with front yard landscape lighting. With the correct outdoor lighting placement, your home can easily be the sight of the entire block and not to mention the most visible. Please go through our photos to get some front yard lighting ideas.


Backyard Landscape Lighting

Create a beautiful scene with backyard landscape lighting. Turn your plain backyard into a work of art by executing some backyard landscape lighting ideas. Please refer to our photos for ideas of backyard landscape lighting.


Outdoor Landscape Lighting Kits

Ideas of Outdoor Lighting

Are you having trouble deciding on the best landscape lighting ideas for your home? If you are struggling to find beautiful and effective lighting ideas, our landscape designer can assist you! Perhaps you would like landscape accent lighting to showcase the architecture of your house. Our certified landscape lighting professionals can show you wall lighting, wash lights, and more. There are endless options for outdoor landscape lighting. Some homeowners also forget the importance of lighting for security and safety reasons. Additionally, add proper lighting to help your cameras to catch good footage of any intruders! Whatever the reason, Houston Landscape Pros is here to help improve the outdoor lighting in Houston! To learn more, please visit our outdoor landscaping lighting ideas page to look for more.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company

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Going with an outdoor landscape lighting contractor in Houston is the way to go for many reasons. Firstly, you will get a beautiful landscape lighting design along with an elegant balance of light for your front and back yard. Houston Landscape Pros will achieve the best outlook placement for walls, trees, pathways, fountains, landscape beds, and xeriscape lighting. Furthermore, you will get an efficient landscape lighting installation without the headaches. Give yourself peace of mind because we do professional outdoor lighting installations in Houston! You can rely on Houston Landscape Pros and always call with any questions or concerns! Let us visit your home for a free onsite consultation today.

Landscape Lighting Benefits

The most common question client ask us are: “how will outdoor lighting increase the enjoyment of a home?” Professional Outdoor Landscape Lighting adds curb appeal when the day turns to night. Also, it will extend your outdoor living space by making it more inviting. Most entertaining occurs at night, so it should be safe and welcoming for your guests.

Outdoor lighting can enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. Whether the occasion is a romantic evening on the patio, a backyard barbecue, or a graduation party. Many activities happen at night. Therefore, landscape path lighting can be a good investment. Why? Because it keeps your family and friends safe from tripping on steps or a dark walkway. Outdoor lighting also promotes security in another way. A well-lit home will increase safety by decreasing the chances of a break-in.

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Other Benefits to Outdoor Lighting

You might be wondering, “how will landscaping lighting boost the property value of my house?” Many studies have shown that a good landscape design paired with outdoor lighting can increase property value as much as 20%. Outdoor lighting will boost the property value of any home because curb appeal goes hand-in-hand with property value. Thus, landscape lighting is a worthy investment for your home. Houston Landscape Pros is ready when you are! Give us a call today!

Outdoor Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

In the reading below, you will find some interesting outdoor landscape lighting in Houston frequently asked questions and answer questions that customers commonly ask. In addition, outdoor lighting common problems. Another thing we will discuss is the benefits, warranty, and cost. Houston Landscape Pros is the company for you! Why go without landscape lighting when you can have it done professionally in no time without the hassle. Furthermore, if at the end we have not put your mind at ease, please give us a call and will be happy to answer any question. Contact us today!

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We have learned that customers understandably get very frustrated with the fact that they have spent much money on outdoor landscape lighting and come home late at night to see one or several of the lighting fixtures not working. To avoid these problems, we only use Kichler Led Outdoor Landscape lighting because they have test time and time again to be the leading light manufactures with the best quality products. Houston Landscape Pros would be glad to help you with Free on-site consultation. You can start by filling out a free landscape lighting quote form!

Choosing where to place your outdoor landscape lighting is critical for angle and distance from what you are trying to illuminate. It takes trained skills and experience to get it right. For more on outdoor lighting placement, please go to our outdoor lighting ideas page.

Houston Landscape Pros chooses Kichler for its innovation ahead of competition! Other lighting companies do not invest in the development of new products; therefore, they are always behind! For more please visit our outdoor lighting ideas page and scroll down to the “Why Choose Kichler Outdoor Lighting?” section.

Houston Landscape Pros view lighting as just another job with a streamlined process. Our Certify professional will go straight into laying out the components and running the wires.  Will take one-day maximum to plan and complete the job once the proposal has been approved and schedule. Additionally, any of our certified professionals will ensure proper installation the first time. In some cases, it only takes a few hours.

Houston Landscape Pros only uses the best products for our clients. We use Kichler light products, as they have tested against common problems that arise with outdoor lighting. Throughout the years, we have found clients asking us to replace their outdoor landscape lighting. We have noticed that 90% of failed landscape lighting projects occur within the lighting fixture itself. Another problem can be the wire connection to the outdoor lighting fixture. Issues in the lighting fixture arise due to moisture infiltrating the electronics components. This moisture permanently damages the wires, which results in a loss of the lighting fixture. Wire connections experience problems when the wrong wire connectors become attached. This misconnection causes moisture to penetrate the stripped wires and short the circuit.

One frustrating issue is paying lots of money for a lighting product, only to come home at night to notice it is not working. To avoid these problems, we only use Kichler Led Outdoor Landscape Lighting. Kichler has proved time after time to be the leading light manufacturer with the highest quality products. Houston Landscape Pros would be glad to help you with an on-site consultation. You can start by filling out our free landscape lighting quote form!

One frequent question we receive is about the cost of outdoor lighting. The price for high-quality lighting products ranges from $1200 to $5,000 and up. This pricing depends on the size of the property as well as the number of lighting fixtures. We choose Kichler’s commercial grade landscape lighting over any competitor due to their guaranteed quality and warranty. If budget is an issue, we recommend starting with the area most important to you. We recommend starting with 4 to 9 outdoor lighting fixtures along with a transformer whether it is for your front yard or backyard. Most importantly, keep in mind that your can add more later in future. If you anticipate needing more accessories in the future, make sure to purchase a large transformer. We will gladly visit your home to determine the best lighting option for your landscape and your budget.

Another question we often receive with landscape lighting regards the warranty we offer our clients. Houston Landscape Pros upholds ourselves to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer a 3-year warranty that covers everything from the light fixture to the installation. We explain more about our warranty in our service agreement. Kichler Outdoor Lighting also provides limited warranty depending on the product. For more questions, please call us at (713) 396-3320 to speak to one of our licensed professionals!

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Service Area

To have an outdoor landscape lighting contractor come to access your property, please call us at (713)396-3320 or fill out a free online quote. Please click on the map to see our location.

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