About Houston Landscape Pros

We welcome you to learn about Houston Landscape Pros! At Houston Landscape Pros, we specialize in outdoor living. We are a locally owned Houston Company with over 20 years of experience in landscaping! Most of our quotes and consultations are FREE if you are in our service area. Additionally, we are a family owned business! We have united our family businesses into one. The Solano family has serviced Houston since 1984 and now the second generation has joined together to do business together. Thanks for reading about Houston Landscape Pros, we hope you choose us to renovate your outdoor living space!

What makes Houston Landscape Pros different?

We launched with the premise of providing the highest quality outdoor service available. Our company cares about maintaining the most affordable prices. Above all, we are known to save our customers up to 20% when compared to larger, reputable landscape companies. Landscape drainage, new lawn sprinkler installation, and complete landscape designs are some of our prominent price savings. We offer a fair price while supplying our customers with commercial grade parts and a professional installation. When larger-scale landscape companies provide our same services, they charge a higher rate due to their significant overhead. Please consider that we do not pay for traditional advertising. Our nonexistent advertising budget means that the price of advertising is missing from the prices we charge to our customers. Houston Landscape Pros lifeline is based on satisfied customers giving referrals to their friends, neighbors, and family.

Our Strategy

Did you know that a half-page advertisement in a local magazine costs above $30,000 per year? A small company can quickly pay over $100,000 on just print ads. If a company spends this large amount, they may charge more for their services to cover this cost. Those companies also accept as many jobs as possible to compensate for the cost of advertising. Therefore, they expand fast and rush jobs, jeopardizing the quality of the work they perform.


Houston Landscape Pros consists of founders William, Irza, and Marvin. Together this family uses their past experiences in the landscaping business to service the Houston area. The three members divide the work, each utilizing their prominent skills. William and Irza manage all Houston Landscaping services, while Marvin specializes in online marketing for the website.

Siblings Marvin and Irza have always known the landscaping business. Their father ran a large commercial landscaping company in Houston since the two were children. Next, the family added William to the family when he married Irza back in 1995. Shortly afterward, William started working in the family business, gaining experience that he now brings to Houston Landscape Pros. Below, you can read about each founder and their specialized skill.


William formed Houston Landscape Pros in 2010 to service residential and commercial properties. Within a short year, he established two full crews with the best, professional equipment. This makes a difference on the job efficiencies, allowing better quality jobs and competitive pricing. Of course, there is more to competitive pricing than just the equipment. William also has over 20 years of experience, working with large commercial installations. He is not an inexperienced Houston entrepreneur with a truck and lawnmower, calling himself a landscaper. In other words, he is a licensed Irrigator by the State of Texas. In addition, he is a landscape drainage specialist training many hours in the field. He specializes in installing and repairing lawn sprinklers systems, landscaping services, outdoor lighting, and much more. He is certified in installing Little Giant Sump-Pumps for Landscape Drainage Systems.

Wiliam Santamaria Licensed Irrigator Texas


Irza can transform a simple backyard into an enjoyable and useful outdoor living area. She brings a woman’s perspective into the landscaping business. Additionally, she chooses specific ideas based on location and customer input. For many years she worked in her father’s commercial landscaping company. Her extraordinary constitution was buying and developing plants for the nursery ranch company. She also participated in the opening of a local nursery nearby. While working for her father, she became extremely involved in landscape design- gaining invaluable experience. Now, she brings knowledge about proper landscape design and plants that thrive in our Houston climate. Her expertise is custom landscaping tailored to each unique customer’s preference, location, and expectations. Her work includes, but is not limited to, landscape design. In fact, she even designs beautiful water features, artificial grass, and much more.

Irza Santamaria Houston Landscaping Pros


Marvin is the founder of FloorJunkies.com and ModuTile.com in Houston, Texas since 2005. The company manufactures both basement and garage floor tiles right here in Houston, Texas. Via these two websites, he can sell products nationwide. His products sold to large corporations such as Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Ace Hardware. However, the product ideas come from way back when Marvin was studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota (1991 – 1995). Our marketing efforts consist of using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing to advertise via Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is 100% free and allows us to reach more potential clients at almost no cost. Our customers benefit since we give professional service for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Houston Landscape Pros Services

When it comes to landscaping installations, few professional companies can beat our prices. Houston Landscape Pros use the best possible equipment available. This includes Ford trucks with commercial John Deere and Wright lawn equipment- all made in the USA. Furthermore, we do full landscaping in front yards and backyards. As well as landscape drainage, outdoor landscape lighting, new irrigation installations, and low maintenance yearly contracts. Another project we can help you with flagstone and pavers patio. Additionally, we offer natural walkways, fountains, big moss boulders, big pots arrangements, small cedar pergolas, and koi ponds.

To all of you, from all of us at Houston Landscape Pros -Thanks You!

William & Irza Santamaria

Managing Owner

Limited Service Area

Please keep in mind that some services are limited. However, we service most parts of Southwest Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Bellaire Texas. Check our limited service area map for more information and give us a call. One of our team members will be happy to help you!

Also, please note that websites are international. Therefore, if you are not within 20 miles of Houston, Texas, we cannot provide you service. In conclusion, we are working on various Do-it-Yourself articles on our upcoming blog section. You are welcome to read them and hopefully, benefit from the information provided.