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Are you wondering how much water your lawn needs? Houston Landscape Pros has conveniently put together this “Lawn water needs” page for our local Houston, TX customers. In the following sections, we will discuss and share important information on how to care for your lawn’s water needs. In addition, we will explain how to determine the amount of water required for a particular grass (lawn/turf). It is best to adjust your lawn sprinkler system accordingly to avoid under or over-watering.

Lawn Watering Requirement Formula

One of the first things a professional lawn sprinkler system installer learns about is to calculate the water requirements. In other words, for the lawn (grass or turf) and other plants. The Lawn Watering Requirement Formula for calculating your lawn’s water requirement is listed below. We will define each part of the formula and explain what each variable means.

Lawn Water Requirement = PET x Tc x Qf. Please refer to the charts below and the formula definitions at the bottom of the page.

Quality Factor (Qf)
No Stress (100% Growth)1.0
Low Stress0.8
Normal Stress0.6
High Stress0.5
Very High Stress0.4
Turf Coefficient Values (Tc)
Warm Season Turf (ie. St. Augustine)0.6
Cool Season Turf (ie. Rye Grass)0.8
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Definitions for Formula Coefficients:

PET (aka ETo) is short for “Potential Evapotranspiration”. This is the measurement of the total amount of water that a plant needs to grow.

Tc is the turf coefficient for a specific grass. In other words, it is the water requirement for the specific type of grass calculated as a fraction of the PET.

Qf is the quality factor. This is a fraction of the PET used to maintain a certain grass quality. In residential applications, you are looking for the lawn to show a good appearance. That can be achieved without reaching full growth potential.

The figures we provide apply to Texas. Please visit TexasET network to learn more of how these figures are calculated, what assumptions are made, and what methodology is used to come up with these values.


Eco-friendly MP Rotator – Sprinkler System

The MP Rotator Sprinkler Stream Nozzle is a highly efficient and versatile sprinkler nozzle that can transform conventional spray-head bodies and shrub adapters into low-prescription-rate sprinklers. The nozzle features a multi-stream rotor that provides optimal water conservation by delivering water in multiple trajectories. This design helps to ensure even watering while minimizing water use. he adjustable arc of the nozzle is another feature that makes it suitable for a wide range of irrigation systems. With an arc that can be adjusted between 90 and 210 degrees, the nozzle can cover a variety of angles to ensure complete coverage.

Additionally, the nozzle offers an easy radius reduction of up to 25%, which makes it suitable for use on slopes and clay soils where the risk of runoff is high. In addition, it is designed to fit most conventional spray-head bodies and shrub adapters, which makes it easy to integrate into existing irrigation systems.This nozzle is capable of covering an area of 907 sq. ft. with optimal watering. It offers an adjustable radius of 13-21 ft., and its flow adjusts automatically to help ensure uniform water distribution. The low prescription rate of the nozzle helps to minimize runoff, which is essential for water conservation. Finally, the MP Rotator Sprinkler Stream Nozzle features a double-pop flush on startup and shutdown to help keep the nozzle clear of debris. The removable inlet also makes it easy to clean the nozzle and maintain its efficiency.

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