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Houston Landscape Pros knows that outdoor living areas are all about ambiance and making memories with friends and family. By clicking on the photos in the landscape gallery below, you will have an opportunity to view several projects that includes a description of the landscape ideas with plant names. These projects are examples of the work that we have done to transform the homes of many in Houston and the surrounding areas, including Katy, Galleria, Bellaire, and Pearland, to name a few.

Besides the landscape photo gallery you find here, you can check out our social media pages. Our landscape gallery instagram can give you great ideas. We regularly post landscape projects of the front yards and backyards of the greater Houston area. We specialize in landscape plans that include plants that are low maintenance and native to Texas. These kinds of designs will keep your yard thriving with minimal effort.

Our team of designers strives to utilize every part of your yard to be as functional as possible. We even have landscape ideas for long narrow backyards. Please fill out a web form or call today. We are happy to work with you on any ideas you might already have. In addition, we can create solutions for any issues you might have with your yard.

If you have any questions about our service, please call (713) 396-3320. Don’t pay more for less service!

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On our Landscape gallery jobs, we provide examples of individualized landscape projects that showcase our work of landscape drainage, lawn sprinkler system, landscaping design, outdoor landscape lighting, and much more. Every project page will begin with a general overview of the job and its location. Then, we provide before and after pictures of projects. Above all, you will see dramatic changes. Also, we will explain parts of the process that we demonstrate in each project. Our purpose in presenting these projects is to give a general sense of how our company works and offer some ideas for your outdoor living space.

To view our picture landscape gallery, click on any picture below to learn more about each project.

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Whether you are installing a catch basin drain, french drain, or sump pump, doing it right the first time will save you money and potential flooding issues. At Houston Landscape Pros, our trusted landscape drainage specialists have been providing quality jobs for years. Through our experience we have seen all types of installations from bad to great. We would like to help you install your landscape drainage right, therefore below you will see various instructional How-to videos. We implore you to watch these videos to the end and ask us if you have any questions.

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