Texas Licensed Irrigator

License # LI0019996
State Issued: Texas
Issuing Agency: TCEQ

Houston Landscape Pros works with two Texas licensed irrigators servicing the Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, Bellaire, and Pearland Texas areas. In the illustration to the right, you can see William Santamaria’s license stamp. Therefore, when bidding on your job, this stamp will be displayed on the contract or any drawings.

If you would like to book an appointment with our Texas Licensed Irrigation Specialist, please call (713) 396-3320 and a we gladly assist you.

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What is a Licensed Irrigator (LI) in the State of Texas?

In the state of Texas, only an individual that is licensed can do the listed below.

  • Sell
  • Design
  • Consult
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Alter
  • Repair
  • Service an irrigation system.

In other words, this applies to a water supply for:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Raw
  • Potable
  • Ones including water wells
  • Unincorporated areas of the state.
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Which agency in Texas manages the Irrigator licenses?

The Texas agency that governs this license is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). For instance, this organization is responsible for licensing individuals. In other words, occupation may have an impact on the environment and human health. That is to say. Their tasks are to issue new licenses, renew licenses, training approval, and exam development. After that, the TCEQ has useful information that is relevant to license irrigators. Furthermore, below are some links that go directly to their site.

Laws in Texas Governing a Licensed Irrigator

Criminal Conviction Guidelines (PDF Document)

Do you need a Sprinkler System Installation in Houston or Katy TX?

In conclusion, we will gladly provide you with a FREE on-site consultation for any new lawn sprinkler installation. We service Houston, TX, and surrounding communities. For more information, please visit our limited service area map, which is on the bottom of the page.

Texas Licensed Irrigator Specialist in Houston

Houston Landscape Pros installs sprinkler systems in the surround Houston area. Our licensed irrigators can come out to your property for a FREE sprinkler system quote. Click the link If you would like to learn more about lawn sprinkler systems.

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