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Houston Landscape Pros is a Houston landscape company with two Texas licensed irrigators. Without a doubt, one of our licensed professionals can come out to your property for any lawn sprinkler system repairs. However, for residential sprinkler repairs, we charge $45 for a inspection and $65 for commercial properties. After that, we will inspect the system to give you a quote for fixing the problem. Below is a list of what we inspect when checking your irrigation system. For regular non-emergency lawn sprinkler repairs, please fill out a sprinkler quote form or call (713) 396-3320.

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What To Expect During A Lawn Sprinkler Repair Consultation:

Houston Landscape Pros can help you with any kind of your lawn sprinkler repair. With this in mind, whether it is for a commercial or residential property at the appointment, we will turn on each sprinkler station to make sure it is operational directly from the controller. However, if it is not possible to use the controller due to malfunction, we will turn on each sprinkler station manually. During the checkup, we will look for any evidence of leakage, proper water coverage, inspect the backflow preventer and report it accordingly. In addition, checking the entire lawn sprinkler system. Such as, make suggestions regarding potential changes to the current system to improve its efficiency (if needed). In conclusion, highly recommend a Texas licensed professional to come out to two times a year. By all means, fill out a Free sprinkler form and we will call you!
  • If possible, the sprinkler system will be turned on using the controller and a run down of the system will be performed. We will turn on each sprinkler station to make sure it is operational directly from the controller. If it is not possible to use the controller due to malfunction, we will turn on each sprinkler station manually.

  • During the checkup, we will look for any evidence of leakage and report it accordingly.

  • In addition to checking the sprinkler system, we will make suggestions regarding potential changes to the current system to improve its efficiency (if needed)

Sprinkler System Components

Houston Landscape Pros can professionally repair your sprinkler systems. In the following sections, you will learn every component that we thoroughly inspect during a sprinkler system repair job.

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Irrigation Controller

For the sprinkler system controller please check the following:

  • Any loose wires

  • Controller battery; if it needs replacing.

  • Verify if time and date are displaying correctly.

  • See if the rain sensor is properly connected and is reading accurately.

  • If the controller is programmed according to the season.

Irrigation Electric Valves

Valves control the flow of water into the irrigation system. Each valve is responsible for one area or zone of the lawn sprinkler system. These devices turn the lawn irrigation system on or off. Therefore most modern systems include valves that connect to the sprinkler controller for automatic operation. In conclusion, it is essential for the proper installation of the valve. For more help, please send us a sprinkler request form so we can further assist you. Check the items below for accuracy.

  • Covers and boxes should be clean of dirt

  • Connections are accessible and aligned with correct wire nuts

  • Look for missing parts or leaks

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Rotors and Spray Heads

Have you asked yourself: why are there different lawn sprinkler heads in my system? Houston Landscape Pros can answer that question for you. We generally use spray heads to irrigate smaller areas. Spray heads are visible, and its best use is for landscape beds and lawn areas. These heads pop up with a fixed spray pattern and do not move. As a matter of fact, they are continuously hitting one area. The rotors general use is for larger landscape areas. In other words, rotors are used on lawn areas only. We recommend you check the system monthly or at least four times a year for the following:

  • Missing heads

  • Broken heads

  • Clogged heads

  • Are the heads tilted, spraying the wrong direction, too far above, or below ground?

  • Is the sprinkler spray pattern blocked or misdirected?

  • Is water spraying the sidewalks, decks, driveways, streets, or walls?

Back Flow Prevention Device

A Sprinkler System Backflow Device is attached to the main water line from your home and prevents water from flowing back to the main city line. It prevents any contaminates from reaching your home’s drinking water. Furthermore, a Backflow preventer is required by the law under certain circumstances such as a lawn sprinkler system or swimming pool. However, in our experience we noticed three things could go wrong. Please check the following items.

  • Test for accordance with State Law

  • Test the shut-off valve to ensure it is working properly

  • Perform analysis of the insulation

If you have more questions, call us, and we would be happy to help! Or fill out our sprinkler quote form! We will ensure the job is right the first time!

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Sprinkler Drip System

A Sprinkler Drip System’s intention is water conservation. However, if you like to change the look of your landscaping beds, a drip system is not for you. Basically, these drip irrigation systems will water every plant the same, regardless of individual needs. In other words, a drip system has low-pressure and tends to clog easily with debris. Therefore, it does require more maintenance to ensure proper coverage over time. If applicable, below are some things to check.

  • Emitters properly connect to the flex pipe.

  • Flex pipe correctly connects to a riser.

  • The micro-adjustment nozzle connects according to the flex line; also, the nozzle is intact.

  • Ensure proper operation of automatic flush valves.

  • Confirm operational pressures.

Sprinkler Repair Cost

Sprinkler Repairs can at times be a long, complicated process of troubleshooting the problem. Therefore, the diagnostic can be tricky because the whole system is underground. Furthermore, if the sprinkler system is a preexisting system, then the previous company could have installed the valves in an unknown location. Also, if the valves’ boxes are not maintained, then over time, dirt, plants, or grass can cover them from view. If that’s the case, we would have to locate them with a valve locator, which can also take some time. With this in mind, the prices below are for residential prices only.

Call us: (713) 396-3320


  • One Sprinkler Professional will inspect the system
  • Run each station and inspect system
  • Residential cost only

Diagnostic + Troubleshooting

  • Use valve locator to locate and uncover valve
  • Troubleshoot located valve and inform customer
  • Residential cost only

Repair Hourly Cost

  • If any new problem appear, repair will take longer
  • Parts are not included in price
  • This is the price after the first hour

Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Company in Houston, TX

If you need a new lawn sprinkler system installation or a lawn sprinkler repair, HLP can help you. We provide 100% free quotes with in our service area. All lawn sprinkler repair service is only available in a limited service area. At this time, we service, Southwest Houston, TX and surrounding communities such as Katy, Sugar Land, and more. Also, some areas in Richmond, and The Heights. For that reason, visit our limited service area page or check out the map. Furthermore, if you have a significant water leak and need immediate assistance, please call us today to speak to one of our friendly team member!

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