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Houston Landscape Pros is a local Houston landscaper and home improvement company. Transforming your outdoor living space is our specialty!

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Houston Landscape Pros is proud to introduce various landscaping services and solutions for residential and commercial properties. HLP provides professional landscape contractors offering landscape drainage, outdoor landscape lighting, lawn sprinkler system & repair, landscaping & hardscapes, artificial grass and more. Our landscape jobs are done right the first time and are complete with a high-quality finish. Without a doubt, we care for our customers and ensure that your property will be left clean and tidy after job completion.

Houston Landscape Pros – Services

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Landscape Drainage

Are you experiencing flooding issues? At HLP, we specialize in landscape drainage solutions such as, french drain, catch basin drain, sump pump, pop-up emitter, channel drain, & more! Indeed, we install drainage landscaping 365 days a year!

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

HLP provides professional outdoor landscape lighting for your front yard, backyard, trees, and fountains. HLP can help start enhance your outdoor patio with landscape lighting. Indeed, it will also increase the usability of your outdoor patio.

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Lawn Sprinkler System

Is your lawn or greens drying out? Are you tired of watering by hand? Work with licensed Texas Irrigatiors for a professional job. We can install a new lawn sprinkler system at homes, restaurants, churches, commercial spaces, and more!

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Houston Landscape Pros offers professional sprinkler system repair in the Houston, TX, area. Our licensed Irrigation specialist can visit your residential or commercial property to diagnose and resolve the issues. *Please keep in mind that we charge $45 (residential) and $65 (commercial) for sprinkler repair inspection.

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Landscape & Hardscapes

Would you like beautiful landscaping & hardscapes in your home or property in Houston, TX? HLP can transform your backyard, front yard, or any green area with quality landscaping, flagstone landscape, landscape pavers, water fountains, and more!

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Artificial Grass

Fake Grass” (artificial grass) has certainly made a massive wave in the greater Houston, TX area recently. Indeed, it is perfect solution for shady yards that cannot grow healthy grass. In fact, it keeps a yard always looking green with little to no maintenance.

Patio Pergola Installation

Houston Landscape Pros offers professional pergola installations throughout Houston and surrounding areas. Pergolas are excellent shade canopy for sitting areas, hammocks, and walkways. View our patio pergola installation packages.

Circle Patio Pavers

Houston Landscape Pros provides beautiful circle patio pavers for residential and commercial properties throughout the Houston area. Indeed, a circle patio paver will be an excellent centerpiece in your backyard. HLP offers many types of circle paver patio packages to match the theme of your home or property.

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Landscape Outdoor Fountains

Houston landscape Pros installs water fountains for your residential or commercial property. Landscape outdoor fountains make a great addition to your landscaping, whether it is for your front yard or back yard landscaping. There are a large variety of sizes and configurations of water features available.

Houston Landscaping Company

Houston Landscape Pros has over 20 years of residential and commercial landscape installation experience in the Houston, TX area. Our landscaping company revives total back yard renovation! As you can see, we offer full landscaping services. That includes front yard and backyard landscaping. In particular, we provide landscape lighting package ranging from small to large. Point often overlooked, it can quickly upgrade your yard for night-time enjoyment.

Most important, we also install landscape drainage and underground sprinkler systems in a daily bases, year around. But that’s not all! In that case, you are looking for  flagstone patio, tree trimming, tree removal services and fencing are other services we provide. On one hand, if you are looking to install  a garden fountains to create an exciting focal point. Houston Landscape Pros has a variety of fountains to mach you particular style.

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Landscape Lighting Solutions

We understand that you are unique, therefore, we tailor our landscape lighting designs for you. Without doubt, we using Kichler products because they are top of the line. In fact, we love the variety of products to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for our style. Furthermore, these various styles create not just a lighting effect but one that’s beautiful and captivating. As a matter of fact, we know it will be functional for years to come.

Landscape Drainage Solutions

There are three landscape drainage solutions that Houston Landscape Pros recommends. For example, french drain system, catch basin drain system, and sump-pump drainage system are the best solutions. However, each storm drain system is different and used in unique situations. In other words, the french drain system is typically at the base of a foundation or edge of a structure. A point often overlooked is that, drainage is not just a want but a need. Most important, it is especial so that your home can avoid flooding. Therefore, let one of our professionals find what type of drainage solution would work best for your home.

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Full Landscape Company – Servicing Houston, TX

Houston Landscape Pros provides many landscape & drainage services throughout the Houston and the surrounding communities. If you would like to book an appointment, please call us at (713) 396-3320 and an HLP representative will gladly assist you.

Please note that we are a local Houston landscaping company and only provide services within our limited service area.

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