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Some homeowners try to cut costs by doing their outdoor lighting instead of hiring a certified outdoor lighting company. You might think that an outdoor landscape lighting installation is a do-it-yourself project. However, there are several important reasons why you should hire a professional. Have any questions? Call (713) 396-3320 to speak to an HLP representative.

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Why work with a Professional Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company?

First off, there are two misconceptions regarding the installation of outdoor landscape lighting. First, many people may think that running wires are easy. However, cutting through landscape shrubs, tree roots, sidewalks, and possibly driveways is complex. Professionals may use heavy-duty tools such as a sidewalk sleever to bore under paths. How about troubleshooting? What happens if you have a blinking light fixture? You may not have enough voltage, or you could be getting power fluctuations or surges. It could be as simple as a connection failure. However, a failed connection could require a voltage meter and proper knowledge of using it to solve the issue.

The second misconception is time commitment. Many people think that an outdoor lighting installation is a quick process. In reality, this is not always true. Each step needs to have a thorough plan before even starting the work. The planning process may take an extensive amount of time for an unprofessional. However, professionals view lighting as just another job with a streamlined process. A certified professional will go straight into laying out the components and running the wires.

If you are in the greater Houston area and need outdoor landscape lighting, please call (713) 396-3320 and an HLP representative will gladly assist you.

Landscape Contractor Benefits

  1. Inexperience can lead to repeating work in attempt to perfect it, which can lead to a waste of resources and money.
  2. Our outdoor lighting contractors have gone through extensive training courses.They know how to determine the right number of lumens for your home so that the lighting is not too bright or too dim.
  3. Outdoor lighting professionals have learned proper angles for lighting areas of different shapes and heights.
  4. Avoid a common mistake that an unprofessional can make is positioning light fixtures at the wrong angle. If the light is not shining in the right direction, this can be a severe safety issue.
  5. If the fixture’s position is incorrect, the person may not see a step, causing a fall.
  6. A further problem with misplacing light fixtures is glares. Glares can shine in a camera lens, blocking any security cameras from accumulating proper footage.
  7. Therefore, if an intruder entered the yard, the video would only provide bright light, with no trespasser identification.
  8. Ultimately, the safest and most cost-efficient way to get outdoor lighting for your property is to hire a professional outdoor lighting company the first time.

So the choice is yours: Do it yourself and accept risks or save time by hiring a landscape lighting contractor.

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Why Kichler landscape lighting?

As an outdoor lighting company, Houston Landscape Pros prides itself on using high-quality products. Therefore, we choose Kichler for all of our outdoor landscape lighting projects. Kichler Landscape Lighting products have the best performance for 25 years because they have accounted for all the common problems with outdoor lighting. For example, Kichler has lighting fixtures that come with three-lumen options that are simple to adjust. Kichler’s features allow lights to switch quickly from settings of the low, medium, or high. This benefit is essential for plant growth since plants vary in the amount of light they need as they mature. In other words, they make fixtures specially designed for flexibility, superior efficiency, durability, and rock-solid performance.

Kichler Outdoor lighting ideas answer
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Outdoor Lighting Features

In outdoor lighting features, there are many options to choose from. Some choices include accent lights, wall wash lights, wall lights, and in-ground lights. Each comes in different levels of brightness, beam spreads, and color temperatures. Out of the many types of outdoor landscape lighting in Houston manufacturers, Houston Landscape Pros chooses Kichler. Kichler is a leader in advanced LED outdoor lighting. Their products are reliable, maintenance-free, and save customers money in the long haul due to the longevity of their products. Kichler designs its LED components in such a way that they use 75% less electricity than any other standard lighting fixture. As a result, customers enjoy well-lit outdoor living spaces without a skyrocketing electricity bill.

Landscape Lighting Low-Voltage Transformer

In the outdoor lighting Houston market, low-voltage is in high demand due to its energy efficiency.  The Professional Series Transformers will take your home’s 120 voltage and convert it safely to between 12 voltage to 15 voltage. On top of that, the transformers have a high-efficiency toroid and coil configuration.  As a result, you will be pleased with the benefits of outdoor lighting without a dramatic increase in your energy bill.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company in Houston, TX

Houston Landscape Pros is an outdoor lighting company in Houston, TX. For landscape lighting installations in Houston, we do free on-site consultations by appointment only. We can send a lighting contractor to your home, and one of our representatives will help you with landscape lighting ideas. Whether you want landscape tree lighting or front and back yard lighting, we can make any outdoor lighting idea become a reality.

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