Large Sprinkler System Installation


  • Greater Houston Area
  • 8 or more Sprinkler Stations
  • Price includes parts and labor
  • Rachio or Rainbird Timer
  • Introduction to timer’s app
  • 3 year warranty
  • 3 or more day installation


Installation of Lawn Sprinkler System

Houston Landscape Pros provides a seven station sprinkler system installation. This large sprinkler system package is usually for a large front yard or backyard with some landscaping beds. We have 20 years of experience in sprinkler system installs; therefore, we do every install professionally to city code. The large sprinkler system install comes with a pressure vacuum breaker, a system timer controller, and a rain sensor. For more information on Sprinkler Systems please visit our Lawn Sprinkler System page.

Depending on weather and if your property has any complications, the large sprinkler system install usually takes two days to complete. Furthermore, for more details on the installation, please visit our Lawn Sprinkler Installation page. Also, we provide an option of connecting Wifi to the system controller for more control of the weather prediction. This option would be an additional $150 charge on top of the install. When it comes to the system timer, we use Rachio or Rainbird. With the many options these brands both offer, the price may vary. Both brands also have options of using an app that controls the stations’ timer and schedule. After the sprinkler system installation, one of our professionals will introduce the app and instructions on using the app features. Houston Landscape Pros also provides a three year warranty on any sprinkler system we install new.

*Notice: Any additional station added to the sprinkler system will be a charge of $500 on top of the original price listing price.

Sprinkler System Installation Area Map
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