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Houston Landscape Pros offers all types of pavers for landscape edging for your landscaping beds with a variety of color and style.

Landscape pavers are “hardscaping,” and it refers to the paved areas such as sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, and bed borders of your landscaping installation. Based on your preference we provide brick, concrete pavers, or natural pavers.

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Backyard Paver Houston

Landscape backyard paver

Houston Landscape Pros can transform your backyard landscape with backyard pavers! With a bit of concrete paver, we alter any space in your landscape backyard into a beautiful pavers patio. It will add to outdoor landscaping living aesthetics and boost the value of your home. Pavers can also enhance your front yard or backyard landscaping in multiple ways. For instance, garden bed edging, patio, outdoor kitchen, pool deck area, and flooring, path walkways, and much more. To sum up, adding pavers to your front yard or backyard landscape will only improve your home in the long run.

Paver Installation

For paver installs, Houston Landscape Pros ensures to make all the necessary steps to complete the job at hand. These are the step we follow to install pavers:

  1. Level and grade seven inches into the ground within the project area
  2. Fill project area with limestone compacting one inch at a time until reaching four inches of limestone.
  3. Fill the project area with one inch of sand and then compact it
  4. Place down the pavers and stabilize it with sharp sand
  5. Install a concrete barrier around the project area to ensure the paver stay in place

Landscape Paver Cost

Houston Landscape Pros has competitive prices when it comes to landscape pavers. With that in mind, we still make our landscape paver cost as affordable as possible with materials and labor included. Also, keep in mind the price showed is only a base price. Therefore, the landscape paver cost may vary when using a more expensive paver types or if the landscape project area has any difficulties. In addition, we can give better deals if you are also getting other types of landscaping done. It all depends on what landscape installation is best for your landscape design.

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Landscape with Paver

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Concrete Paver Installation

Concrete Paver Install
Paver install compacting landscape

Concrete Paver install is almost like installing paver but with fewer steps:

  1. Level and grade three inches into the ground within the project area
  2. Fill project area with one inch of sharp sand and compact to level pavers
  3. Place and level the concrete pavers, and then the project is finished

Concrete Paver Cost

Houston Landscape Pros has competitive prices when it comes to the concrete paver cost. With that in mind, we still make our landscape cost as affordable as possible with materials and labor included. Also, keep in mind the price showed is only a base price. Therefore, the concrete paver cost may vary when using larger pavers or if the landscape project area has any difficulties. In addition, always ask about our other landscape services, we can always cut better deals.

Patio Pavers

A properly designed and professionally installed landscape paver patio is the best thing to add to your home to extend your outdoor living space. However, creating a perfect patio that is both beautiful and functional requires careful planning and preparation. Before patio installation, Houston Landscape Pros will also look at your property to see if you need landscape drainage. If not, then we can start to level and grade for the patio installation.


We offer various pavers for your patio. Each paver has organic qualities, texture, color, and varying sizes and shapes. Because landscape pavers are expensive, many homeowners choose to use it in conjunction with other materials such as concrete, bricks, or Artificial Grass. Please visit our Artificial Grass page for more. With this in mind, we offer a modern concrete paver square pad for your patio. Whether you are looking at adding different elements combined with gravel and a hardy ground cover between the stones. For more patio pavers ideas, visit our gallery page.

Landscaping Paver Walkways

On full backyard landscape paver installations, paver walkways can complete the landscape design. When done correctly, a path walkway will enhance the look of the backyard landscape. Whether it is your front yard landscape or backyard landscaping, we can help you achieve style and functionality with paver walkways. Below are a few walkways using various pavers and garden materials, such as dwarf mondo grass and river rock. Some of the images illustrated below are from pavers manufactured by Pavestone. We also install pavers from other manufacturers sold in Houston, Texas. For more questions, call us or feel free to fill out a free online landscape quote form.

Landscape Edging / Border Pavers

Edging Pavers are to define landscape beds. They also help prevent soil erosion from the rain. There are a wide variety of material options, including natural stone, concrete, and brick. The landscape design will decide which type of landscape paver edging we use. We will consider functionality and aesthetics. As a rule of thumb, the landscape edging should be similar to paver walkways or patio pavers. It will help maintain the overall look of your landscape design.

Paver Retaining Walls

In the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, paver retaining walls are less common due to the terrain being flat land. Of course, if you find your property is on a natural or man-made slope, paver retaining walls can be used.

Retaining walls serve many purposes, from protecting areas of the property to holding a foundation in place. They can also are used to add surface area to property boundaries. Also, because retaining walls are often one of the most visible elements of a home’s front yard landscaping, most homeowners want them to be beautiful and functional. Luckily, several types of materials are available, making it easy to get the job done for even the tightest budget. Keep in mind that landscape drainage is incredibly essential in some cases when building a paver retaining wall drainage.

Pool Deck Landscape Pavers

Pool pavers are a beautiful, functional, and safe pool decking option. There are endless design and color options, but pool pavers can also be inexpensive. In some cases, we have seen that the homeowner has not installed a pool decking when building their pool because of cutting costs. Or they could not decide on what material to use. You can also add landscape water fountains to add to the whole scenery; check out our page for more information.

Swimming pool decking pulls your pool and landscaping together to help make it your dream backyard staycation. When deciding on your decking size, think about tables, chairs, lounges, and shade havens.

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