Large Outdoor Landscape Lighting Kit



  • Greater Houston Area
  • 12 Light Fixtures 
  • 12V Integrated VLO Small Accent Lighting
  • Kelvin + Lumen 3000k – Pure White – 300 lm, 55 lm/W
  • Color: Aged Bronze or Textured Black 
  • 150W Stainless Steel Transformer 
  • Option of Timer or 24hour Photocell
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Houston Landscape Pros provides large outdoor landscape lighting kits. The large outdoor lighting kit is usually for properties with larger than average sized front yards or backyards. For the most part, it will only cover up to all landscape beds, light up your home’s walls or any additional structures, and trees with beds. Please visit the Outdoor Lighting page in order to see some outdoor lighting ideas.

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  • Integrated LED Technology
  • Variable Lumen Output
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  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting Warranty

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will immediately enhance the overall appearance of any lawn, landscape design, or water feature. Also, outdoor lighting will increase the enjoyment, curb appeal, and usability of your outdoor space. We install and provide various front or backyard landscape lighting options such as accent lighting, wall lighting, and in-ground lighting.

Moonlight Outdoor Lighting Services

Houston Landscape Pros offers moonlight outdoor lighting services that use accent lighting and unique light fixtures that resemble the moon. Moonlight outdoor lighting will dramatically turn your front yard or backyard into a silvery mist that looks beautiful. This technique is more challenging, requires more effort and experience to pull off correctly. However, we specialize in outdoor lighting and can provide you with a licensed outdoor lighting contractor that will get the job done the first time.

Kichler Landscape Lighting

Houston Landscape Pros only uses Kichler landscape lighting products for its innovation and quality. For 25 years, Kichler has been leading the outdoor lighting industry. Also, Kichler provides 15 year warranty on all landscape lighting products

Houston Outdoor Lighting Company

Houston Landscape Pros is a Houston outdoor lighting company that professionally installs outdoor lighting such as accent lights, wall lights, wall wash lights, and in-ground lights. We are certified landscape lighting experts and can get the job done the first time.

Landscape Lighting Contractor

Here are some reasons to why you should hire a professional to install your landscape lighting. For more information, please visit our Houston outdoor lighting company page.

  • Hiring an amateur can lead to repeating work in attempt to perfect it, which can lead to a waste of resources and money.
  • Our outdoor lighting contractors have gone through extensive training courses. They know how to determine the right number of lumens for your home so that the lighting is not too bright or too dim.
  • Outdoor lighting professionals have learned proper angles for lighting areas of different shapes and heights.
  • Avoid a common mistake that an unprofessional can make is positioning light fixtures at the wrong angle. If the light is not shining in the right direction, this can be a severe safety issue.

Outdoor Lighting Service Area – Houston, TX

Houston Landscape Pros is an outdoor lighting company in Houston, TX. For landscape lighting installations in Houston, we do free on-site consultations by appointment only. We can send a lighting contractor to your home, and one of our representatives will help you with landscape lighting ideas. Please visit our quote form page or call us at (713)396-3320. Whether you want landscape tree lighting or front and back yard lighting, we can make any outdoor lighting idea become a reality.

For additional information or any customizations, please call us at (713)396-3320, or you can visit the Landscape Lighting Quote page.

Large Landscape Lighting Kits service area

Outdoor Lighting Warranty

All Kichler products come with a 15-year warranty, which provided entirely by Kichler. As a result, this is available for all outdoor landscape lighting kits.

Landscape Lighting Benefits

Professional Outdoor Landscape Lighting adds curb appeal when the day turns to night. Also, it will extend your outdoor living space by making it more inviting. Most entertaining occurs at night, so it should be safe and welcoming for your guests.

Integrated LED Technology

The VLO Small Accent Lighting fixtures in our large outdoor landscape lighting kits have fully Integrated LED Technology. With this in mind, the fixture comes with a custom optic which has no halos or scallops. As a matter of fact, the switch to adjust the VLO adjustments is fully protected from moisture. All of the lighting fixtures are completely sealed and encapsulated to protect the components from the outside elements. The operating range of the outdoor lighting fixture is at 9-15 volts to ensure consistent light. Furthermore, the fixture also comes with 6000-volt surge protection to guard against volt irregularities.

Variable Lumen Output

VLO technology gives three lumen options to a single fixture. This option is especially important when the plant or tree you are illuminating grows over time, or if you change your landscape, you can easily adjust the fixture as well. The first level is the low setting, the second level is the medium setting, and the third level is the high setting.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The low voltage feature makes adding or relocating fixtures flexible and adaptable. Kichler’s fixtures have advanced technology that have low voltage; therefore, they are extremely energy efficient without suffering on illumination. Also, you will be saving money on your energy bill by choosing Kichler.

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