Outdoor Lighting Product

Even though there are many types of outdoor landscape lighting manufactures. Houston Landscape Pros only use Kichler landscape outdoor lighting because they are a leader in Advance LED outdoor light. We use Kichler because their products are reliable, easy to maintain, and save our customers money in the long haul. Furthermore, Kichler is a leading lighting company when it comes to innovation and new products. Below are descriptions of key components of the Kichler lighting that make them the best product out there.

Innovation Ahead of Competition

Houston Landscape Pros will always choose to buy from companies based on product quality and invovation. But, Kichler goes beyond to stay ahead of the competition by making new innovated products that are new to the lighting industry. Other lighting companies simply do not invest in the development of new products and therefore are always behind when it comes to new products. For example, Kichler has a new lighting fixture that comes with three-lumen choices that are so easy and reliable to adjust. It means that one fixture can easily be adjusted from low to medium to high lighting. Why is that important and how does it work. It is important to new landscape installation because as the plant material grows so does the need for another lighting fixture with more lighting to compensate for the growth of the plant. With the choice of the three-lumen fixture, you can make adjustments as plant material grows without the need to switch to another fixture every time the plant lighted gets bigger.

Landscape Lighting LED Fixtures

Kichler landscape Design Pro LED has designed their light fixtures in such a way that they use 75% less electricity than other standard light fixtures. It allows you to enjoy a well-lit outdoor living of your home without seeing your electricity bill skyrocket. Best of all, you can rest assure your landscape lights will last for a very long time saving you money and the hassle of the constant fixing nonworking fixtures that do not last. Call today and make an appointment!

Pro Series Wire Connector

To avoid the problems stated above concerning wire connectors that are not suited to long-term outside use. We use Kichler’s high-end pro series wire connector. The connectors are of a hardy silicone-filled wire connect that has proven itself to be a reliable, outdoor-quality connection. It has the key, features needed to be long-lasting, including moisture protection and wire restraint. This is so important since this will be buried for a long time.

Landscape Lighting Low-Voltage Transformers

A lighting transformer does Low-Voltage landscape lighting is in high demand in the market due to their energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means that you will be pleased with the benefits of outdoor lighting without a dramatic increase in your energy bill. The low-voltage lighting is also proven to last longer than regular voltage lights, which means your lighting system as a whole would be long-lasting.