Tree Trimming

Houston Landscape Pros tree trimming services consists of three products: tree removal, tree trimming/pruning and stump grinding. Our service area is limited to Houston, Sugar Land, Richmond and Katy, TX. Please visit our service area map link at the bottom of the page to view our complete service area map.

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Tree Removal

We cut the tree to its stump and remove the tree from your property. Stump removal is a separate service, so please see the description of each service.

Tree Pruning

Regular tree trimming consists of raising the tree canopy to 12 feet and separating the tree branches from any building or structure by 4 to 6 feet. With smaller trees, it also consist of pruning the branches inside the tree. On larger trees, it is a separate service.

When quoting, we consider the tree type. Each tree type will have a different cost structure.

  • Hard Wood Trees
  • Cedar and Pine Trees
  • Palm Trees

After determining the tree type, we separate them in size by small, medium or large.

  • Small: 12-20 ft.
  • Medium: 21-35 ft.
  • Large: 35-45 ft.

With the above information, we will provide you with a detailed Free tree trimming quote for your approval.

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Stump Grinding

This is a separate service from tree removal. Of course, when providing a quote for a tree removal we will also include the itemized cost of stump grinding. We provide this service separately because in many situations, the tree was cut down long time ago.

Landscping Tree Trimming Stump Grinding Houston

Stump grinding a tree in front-yard landscaping.