Water Pond Garden Fountain Kit


  • Houston Area Only
  • 15’ x 20’ Pond Liner
  • Waterfall using 3 tons of Moss Rock Boulders
  • One Ton of Medium size 1.5in River Rock Gravel
  • 16 inch Spillway
  • 7in Skimmer
  • 2100 GPH pump
  • 2 Lily Pods
  • 24-Hour Automatic Photocell Remote Control Timer
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Houston Landscape Pros will install a complete Water Pond Garden Fountain kit, with Koi Fish as an option, in your front or back yard and will haul off any debris that was created during installation away from you property. For more information and ideas please visit our water fountain page.

Water Pond Garden Fountain Installation

The water pond fountain’s total area is about 8’ by 12’, 3’ deep. First, we will dig a hole to place the 15’ x 20’ pond liner in a secured and leveled way. After the digging, we will haul away all the extra dirt created during excavation. Next, we will place the pump inside the basin, with all proper plumbing to ensure an appropriate flow of water and make sure there are no leaks. Then we will connect a 24-hour automatic photocell remote control timer to the water feature. Lastly, we will install one ton of medium-sized 1.5in River Rocks at the bottom of the fountain and on top of the basin, and approximately 3 tons of Moss Rock boulders to build a waterfall and as edging around the base. Customers will need to provide an electrical outlet close to the water feature.

Water Pond Garden Fountain Benefits

  • Heavy Duty & Long Lasting
  • Complete Installation Without The Mess
  • Easy to Maintain
  • 24-Hour Automatic Photocell Remote Control Timer
  • 2 Year Warranty

Water Pond Garden Fountain Maintenance

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you is to put water once a week in the summer months because water evaporates and it must be refill to avoid running the pump dry. In the winter months twice a month is sufficient. If you have a sprinkler system and there is a water pipe near by we can install an autofill valve to fill the water as needed so you don’t have to worry it. (Inquire about it and additional cost will apply) we recommend running the pump constant to ensure a longer pump life and promote clean water.

Water Pond Garden Map
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