Houston Landscape Pros provides installations for pondless landscape fountains and regular landscape fountains at a reasonable price. With the market for materials now in days, we try to make prices as affordable as possible. We understand that these are a luxury and a bit of an expense, but the following are reasons to invest in one. Having one of these structures will be a beautiful addition to your home. Hearing the rushing waterfall of your fountain of choice will be esthetically pleasing. If you were to add a fountain in the front yard, this would add to curb appeal, and the value of your home would go up.

Houston Landscape Pros can make it happen whether you want the fountain in the front yard or the back yard. Also, we can install the landscape fountain in a combination of other landscaping projects. We do installations for residential and commercial properties. Before any install, we will send a landscape consultant to access your property and foresee any complications. Depending on size and configuration, you will receive a quote for installation by email. After approval of the job, Houston Landscape Pros will come out to your property and install the landscape fountain. We will haul off any debris that comes from the install with our heavy duty trailer. The fountain installation, without any complications, will take about one full day to install. Please do not forget to visit our other pages for all your landscaping needs.

All Landscape Fountains include all the following:

  • GPH water pump
  • Timer or 24hour Photocell
  • 2 Year Warranty
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