Flagstone Landscape

Houston Landscape Pros can install a beautiful flagstone landscape patio in your front or backyard. Indeed, the flagstone pavers improves your landscaping since it provides a more natural feel to your outdoor space. Moreover, flagstone patio job provides a more natural feel to your outdoor space. In addition, it raises the value of your home.

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Beautiful Flagstone Patio

HLP can install a beautiful flagstone patio in your backyard. Our supply of flagstone pavers are locally sourced; we pick it up and install it. There are many variations when it comes to flagstone installations. However, HLP will guide you through the installation process. In the picture, you will see a before and after flagstone patio installation.


How to Install Flagstone Pavers

To create a beautiful patio made of flagstone, Houston Landscape Pros ensure to follow all the necessary steps for a professional flagstone patio install. Before starting any job, whether it’s landscape pavers or flagstones, we always check if the property has proper drainage or if one is in order. For more information, please visit our landscape drainage page. Another part of your patio that an absolute necessity is to consider outdoor landscape lighting. Without good lighting, there would be no way to enjoy your patio at night. Please visit our outdoor landscape lighting page for more details.

These are the following steps we do for flagstone landscape installs:

  1. Level and grade five inches into the ground within the project area
  2. Fill project area with two inches limestone compacting one inch at a time
  3. Fill the project area with one inch of sand and compacting it
  4. Place down the flagstone pieces and making the necessary cuts to fit the area.
  5. Stabilize the flagstone pieces with sharp sand
  6. Fill the spaces between the flagstone with mortar concrete to make into solid ground
  7. The last step will be to let the concrete dry

Flagstone Landscape Examples

Flagstone Installation Cost

Houston Landscape Pros has competitive prices when it comes to flagstone landscape cost. With that in mind, we still make our flagstone installation as affordable as possible, with materials and labor included. Also, keep in mind the price showed is only a base price. Therefore, the flagstone install cost may vary when using a more expensive flagstone type or if the landscape project area has any difficulties. In addition, we can give better deals if you are also getting other types of landscaping done. It all depends on what landscape installation is best for your landscape design.

Houston Flagstone Landscaper

If you are interested in a flagstone install and need help or have questions, please contact us or fill out a free online quote. Houston Landscape Pros would be happy to send a landscape contractor for free on onsite consultation. However, we do have a limited service area. Most important, out team services Katy, Richmond, Bellaire, Pearland, TX and more! So, Please click on the map for our location.

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