HLP offers a professional pergola installation for your wood pergola with a hammock. It is available in the Houston area and requires a patio with 15’x10’x3′ of space for the pergola install. Moreover, the wood pergola with a hammock package provides the perfect spot for relaxing in your backyard. Certainly, the sturdy cedar or pinewood will support your weight as you swing in the hammock.

Step by Step: Wood Patio Pergola with Hammock Installation

Houston Landscape Pros provides custom cut wood pergolas for your patio. Each pergola is customized to your liking. You may choose cedar or pinewood for your pergola. In addition, you may choose a stain or sealant coating for your wood choice. Moreover, you may choose a single or double pergola design. Materials, Delivery, and Installation is included with your pergola with hammock installation.

Below is the step by step process for a wood pergola with a hammock installation.

  1. Measure the area.
  2. Purchase the wood.
  3. Custom cut the wood to size.
  4. (Optional) Apply stain or sealant coating.
  5. Locate the wooden posts placement.
  6. Dig the hole 2.5 ft. deep for the posts.
  7. Place the posts and secure with concrete for 24 hours.
  8. Install the pergola’s roof and structure.
  9. (Optional) Install electricity and outdoor lighting.
  10. Install the hooks for the hammock.
  11. Hammock is ready to install and enjoy by the customer.

Houston Service Area for Wood Pergola with Hammock Installation

HLP services the Houston area, Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, Jersey Village, West University Place, Memorial, and Energy Corridor areas. Please view our limited service area page for more information. If you are ready for a wood pergola with hammock installation, HLP will gladly help you.

Are Pergolas Sturdy?

Yes, pergolas are very sturdy since the structure is entirely made of solid wood. In addition, the posts are firmly secured into the ground with concrete. For this reason, pergolas make great posts for hammocks. Certainly, they can support the full weight of an adult person in the hammock. Indeed, a pergola is long-lasting, maintenance free, and will get through a lifetime of rain and sun.