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What is better than admiring a beautiful landscape on a sunny day? A wonderfully illuminated home, even at night! Outdoor landscape lighting will immediately enhance the overall appearance of any lawn, landscape design, or water feature. Houston Landscape Pros is a professional outdoor landscape lighting company that can help you enjoy a well-lit property today. In addition, you can give yourself the gift of a long-term outdoor lighting investment that will add value to your property for years to come. It will also differentiate your home from a similar listing when selling your home. In fact, it could be a home buyers make it or break it. Improve the enjoyment, curb appeal, and usability of your outdoor space today! Please speak to our friendly staff at (713) 396-3320.

Landscape Lighting Houston

Improve your Outdoor Space & Landscaping with lights.

There are endless possibilities and techniques to improve your front yard or backyard landscaping with light. For example, moonlighting, shadowing, path lighting, uplighting, and downlighting are all lighting techniques. At HLP, our integrated LED outdoor landscape lighting installation will certainly improve the overall look of your home and landscaping. Below, you will see front yard and backyard outdoor landscape lighting examples.


Front Yard – LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Adding LED outdoor landscape lighting to your front yard is a smart move for curb appeal. Indeed, installing front yard landscape lighting will leave a great impression on your home. In addition, well-lit front yard will make your guests feel more welcome and safe. Please refer to our photos for front yard outdoor  lighting ideas.


Backyard – LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Don’t forget about backyard outdoor landscape lighting. You can certainly turn a boring backyard into a work of art by executing a few of our backyard lighting ideas. In addition, you can make your backyard a perfect spot to relax and invite your friends. Please refer to our photos for backyard outdoor landscape lighting ideas.

Highlight your side yard with a low-voltage LED landscape lighting pathway.

A landscape lighting pathway can help navigate you or your guests through the night, while providing a seamless and beautiful landscape walkway. In addition, an illuminated side yard will prevent you from stepping on predators or falling. At HLP, we install the lighting along the pathway subtly with well-placed accents. Moreover, our landscapers can install many types of landscape pathways such as flagstone, patio or concrete pavers. You can improve your side yard and landscaping with light today.

There are many Landscape Lighting benefits.

There are many landscape lighting benefits. The most common question client ask us are: “how will outdoor lighting increase the enjoyment of a home?” Professional Outdoor Landscape Lighting adds curb appeal when the day turns to night. Also, it will extend your outdoor living space by making it more inviting. Most entertaining occurs at night, so it should be safe and welcoming for your guests.

Outdoor lighting can enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. Whether the occasion is a romantic evening on the patio, a backyard barbecue, or a graduation party. Many activities happen at night. Therefore, landscape path lighting can be a good investment. Why? Because it keeps your family and friends safe from tripping on steps or a dark walkway. Indeed, your home is precious; therefore, safety must come first. Outdoor lighting will undoubtedly decrease the chances of a break-in. Even at night, your home will be safe from harm.

Additional Benefits

You might be wondering, “how will landscaping lighting boost the property value of my house?” Many studies have shown that a good landscape design paired with outdoor lighting can increase property value as much as 20%. Outdoor lighting will boost the property value of any home because curb appeal goes hand-in-hand with property value. Thus, landscape lighting is a worthy investment for your home. Houston Landscape Pros is ready when you are!

Outdoor lighting ideas

Are you having trouble deciding on the best landscape lighting ideas for your home? If you are struggling to find beautiful and effective lighting ideas, our landscape designer can assist you! Perhaps you would like landscape accent lighting to showcase the architecture of your house. Our certified landscape lighting professionals can show you wall lighting, wash lights, and more. There are endless options for outdoor landscape lighting. Some homeowners also forget the importance of lighting for security and safety reasons. Additionally, add proper lighting to help your cameras to catch good footage of any intruders! Whatever the reason, Houston Landscape Pros is here to help improve the outdoor lighting in Houston! To learn more, please visit our outdoor landscaping lighting ideas page to look for more.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation Kits

Houston Landscape Pros is an landscape lighting company that provides professional outdoor landscape lighting installations in the surrounding Houston area. We offer outdoor landscape lighting your landscaping and trees, such as uplighting, downlighting, floodlights, step lights, garden lights, bollard lights, and string lights. Our trusted landscape lighting contractors can provide fee estimates and consultations. View our lighting kits below.

Call us at (713) 396-3320, and we would be happy to talk more about your lighting needs.

Landscape Lighting Installation Company

Going with an outdoor landscape lighting contractor in Houston is the way to go for many reasons. Firstly, you will get a beautiful landscape lighting design along with an elegant balance of light for your front and back yard. Houston Landscape Pros will achieve the best outlook placement for walls, trees, pathways, fountains, landscape beds, and xeriscape lighting. Furthermore, you will get an efficient landscape lighting installation without the headaches. Give yourself peace of mind because we do professional outdoor lighting installations in Houston!

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting FAQ

In the reading below, you will find some frequently asked questions about landscape lighting from our Houston customers. In addition, we provide helpful answers to common outdoor lighting common problems. We will discuss is the benefits, warranty, and cost. Before attempting a DIY your landscape lighting installation, consider a professional install with free consultation. Indeed, Houston Landscape Pros, has you covered!

Houston Landscape Pros uses multiple types of outdoor landscape lights to create different styles and accents. In fact, these are the six different types of lights that we use:

  • Spotlights – This a general term for any directional lighting that highlights desirable landscaping or trees. For instance, up lighting, down lighting, tree lighting, and flood lights are all different types of spotlights. As a matter of fact, spotlights are adjustable for different LED light sizes and wattage, making them very versatile.
  • Flood Lights – They are outdoor lights that illuminate large areas of your home or property. For example, flood lights are great for lighting up a patio or driveway. In addition, the wide-range lights provide security to your home by lighting up areas that would otherwise be dark.
  • Step Lights – They are LED lights used along steps, pathways, patios, or retaining walls. In addition, they will keep you or your guests safe from trips, falls, and injury. LED step lights will also make your outdoor space more beautiful and appealing.
  • Garden Lights – They are lights that point downward and slightly out to highlight your landscaping . Indeed, they are great for enhancing the atmosphere and illuminating your overall outdoor space.
  • Bollard Lights – They are lights that shine in every direction. Indeed, they are similar to garden lights, however they do not have a particular light focus. Instead, they are convenient at the beginning or end of a pathway for added safety and direction.
  • String lights – They are lights that hang or wrap around trees and hardscapes to provide a more subtle, aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. String lights are very popular since they easy to install.

If you would like outdoor landscape lighting in your home or property, please fill out our landscape lighting form or call us at (713) 396-3320 and a friendly HLP representative will gladly assist you.

Yes, outdoor landscape lighting is entirely worth it. It provides beauty, visibility, and usability to your outdoor space. In addition, it will create a safer environment for your front yard or backyard. With outdoor landscape lighting, you will be able to see dangerous objects or animals that you otherwise might step on if it’s dark. You can also prevent a fall by lighting a pathway or your outdoor staircase.

Furthermore, outdoor landscape lighting techniques like moonlighting, shadowing, path lighting, up lighting, and down lighting, will improve the atmosphere and overall look of your landscaping. This technique takes patience and experience to install correctly. However, the finished outdoor lighting design is more than worth it. Indeed, improving your landscaping with light is a smart choice for your home or property.

Yes, you should leave your outdoor landscape lighting on all night. Outdoor landscape lighting provides security to your home. Especially in Houston, being an urban area, you do not want to leave your front yard dark in case of a break-in. Furthermore, the cost outweighs the perks of beauty and security. All outdoor landscape lighting design includes LED technology that costs less than indoor lights at twice the wattage. Indeed, it is an excellent investment for the safety and looks of your home.

Yes, you can certainly install your outdoor landscape lighting. As a low-voltage light, it does not require electrical experience. In fact, it is entirely safe for a DIY lighting project.

However, we recommend learning how to install outdoor landscape lighting like a pro before attempting a DIY lighting project. An outdoor lighting professional can find the best lighting placement for your landscaping. Indeed, HLP is an professional outdoor landscape lighting company that can take the hassle off your shoulders. We install the most beautiful outdoor lighting for your front yard or backyard.

Outdoor landscape lighting costs anywhere from $1600 to $5000 to install. The highest cost for lighting is the materials used. For example, you may want designer lights, motion sensors, or step lights, which will increase the price. In addition, the size of your property is another cost factor. You may require more lighting and materials than the average property. Nonetheless, outdoor lighting is an excellent, long-lasting investment in your outdoor space.

It would be best to bury your landscape lighting about 6 inches deep. The depth will ensure that your wiring is safe from harm. For instance, in Texas summers, ants are attracted to the heat of the wiring and will bite and damage your wiring. Also, digging 6 inches deep will keep your wiring safe from gardening. In addition, loose wiring above ground is not a pretty sight for your property or home. It could cause you or your guests to trip over the loose wiring.

Moreover, we recommend digging your trench with a sharpshooter shovel. It makes precise cuts into the ground that is excellent for digging small trenches. In conclusion, it is always a rule of thumb to bury 6 feet into the ground to prevent problems.

Yes, you can bury low-voltage landscape lighting wires without a conduit. However, if you decide to change your front yard or backyard landscaping, you will likely cut your wiring. Therefore, installing durable piping to protect your wiring will prevent issues. The cost of installing a conduit will increase the cost of your outdoor landscape lighting installation since it requires more labor and material cost. Although, the perks outweigh the risk of a possible lighting outage in the long run.