Artificial Grass

Houston Landscape Pros is proud to present Artificial Grass Houston, the new alternative to natural grass. Artificial turf has a consistent modern look, reliable installation, and provides ultimate customer satisfaction. Fake grass, made in the USA, is created from 100% lead-free recycled materials to support an eco-friendly America. Conveniently, it does not require lawn fertilization, a lawn sprinkler system, or heavy maintenance.

Artificial grass drains at a rate of about 30 inches per hour per square yard, which is much faster than real grass! It is a pet-friendly grass that is also 100% safe for kids, sports, and landscape drainage. Houston Landscape Pros offers padding options for security and comfort along with air drainage that better directs water flow. This product is excellent for investors searching for a one-time investment that raises the home’s value. Our company motto: “Always done right the first time” will guarantee customer satisfaction of proper artificial grass installation. For a free consultation, call us at (713) 396-3320 or fill out a free landscape quote to get artificial grass on your lawn today!

Artificial Grass History

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As artificial grass is becoming more popular each year, it may seem as though the product is a new concept of the 21st century. However, the origin of artificial grass can be dated back to the late 1950s. We can thank Ford Foundation’s Education Facilities Laboratory, Monsanto Industries, and Chemstrand for shedding light on this invention. These organizations came together to promote the first indoor synthetic fiber carpeting in schools. These plastic fibers evolved with the help of Monsanto Industries’ vision: to create a product resembling real grass. With time and dedication, Monsanto Industries presented this great product to the world, which we now know as artificial grass.

Since then, artificial turf has escalated in demand. However, Houston’s Astrodome, the 8th Wonder, brought this invention fame through their massive installation of synthetic turf. The Astrodome field received little sunlight, making this durable, performance-driven artificial turf, a perfect fit for this heavy-duty baseball field.

Artificial Grass Installation

How is artificial grass installed? Our step-by-step guide includes our four-step installation process: Planning, Preparing the Base, Cutting and Placing, then lastly, Laying the Infill.

Installation: Planning

The planning process begins by first determining what type of turf our customer needs for their property. Will we be installing fake grass for pets to run around on? Or will we be introducing a new sport field (like soccer, practice your batting for baseball or softball or even football player such as quart back)? We need to determine this information to ensure we bring the right artificial turf to the project.

First, we will bring samples of the fake grass to our client. We will professionally advise them on the turf to select based on their property.
Once the client decides which fake turf is right for them, we can move onto the next step.

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Secondly, we will scan the property of any sprinkler systems. We will need to cap any existing sprinkler systems before we can get started. From here, we will consult the client on the necessary drainage that we may need to install. We will also see if the client would like to add an extra layer of padding to their lawn. If the customer desires the filling, we will decide which type is needed.

Thirdly, we make a note of the direction of the fake grass blades. We want the edges to face the direction that the homeowner sees first. This allows for the best possible view. Afterward, we measure the surrounding area of where we will place the fake grass. We will also search the property for any trees or shrubs. We can remove them if the customer desires, or measure out extra turf to lay around them.

Lastly, we must calculate the weight of the synthetic grass. We can do this by measuring the total square footage of the turf roll then dividing it in half. Now that we have created our plan, we can determine the initial price for the job. Once we agree on the terms, we can move forward to preparing the base.

Installation: Preparing the Base

When creating our foundation for synthetic grass, we must first remove the current vegetation surface. This includes any remaining grass on the property. We will then cap existing sprinkler systems and install any drainage necessary at this time. Secondly, we will dig out 2-4 inches of the surface, depending on the climate. We will then make the foundation even and set grade by using a landscaping rake or lawn roller. Now the base is complete and ready for cutting and placing.

Installation: Cutting & Placing

With a clean and even base setup, we are now ready to unroll the turf. Since the artificial turf has been rolled up for some time, the fibers tend to lay at an angle. To avoid this problem, we allow the fake grass to sit in the sun for a few hours. The sun helps the grass fibers return to a standing position, and helps the backing even itself out.

Once the fake grass blades return to their normal position, we begin cutting our artificial grass. We use our measurements, which we established during our planning phase of the installation process. Then we make the proper cuttings to start placing the synthetic grass on the property. Once the artificial turf is all set in the appropriate spots, we will secure the seams. This step binds each cutting of the fake grass together. We will use a mechanical fastener to secure the seams. We aim to place the least amount of seams possible for your property. However, the seams required varies based on the size, shape, and location of the yard. Once the seams fasten together, we can trim around the lawn’s border to remove any excess turf.

Now that our team has cut the artificial grass to fit the property, we will use a galvanized staple to bond it to the land. We will use this staple around the perimeter until every strip of fake grass is secure. Lastly, our crew will scan the area for any errors. If we notice any mistakes, we will correct them accordingly before proceeding to the final step.

Installation: Laying the Infill

Our team uses infill on all artificial turf jobs that we complete. Infill is essentially gravel, sand, or coarse stone. It is a dense material that will add an extra sense of security to the foundation. Incorporating the infill protects the backing of the turf while correcting the structure of the artificial turf blades. We apply the infill by using a drop spreader, which slowly releases the ballast across the fake grass. It also creates an even more compact lawn. Once the infill spreads across the entire surface, we will need a power broom. The broom will knead the ballast deeper into the foundation. This final step makes the artificial grass stand up even straighter than before. Finally, our team will use either a leaf blower, broom, or plastic rake to tidy up the final product.

Installation: Final Process

Now our team has finished planning, creating the base, cutting and placing the fake grass, and laying the infill. These steps conclude the artificial grass installation process. As always, we triple-check our work and get customer feedback. Now our client can enjoy their new and beautiful lawn of fake grass.

Artificial Grass Benefit

Artificial grass is not only beautiful, but it has an enormous amount of benefits. It is made entirely of recycled plastic, so the production process does not harm the environment. Therefore, it helps reduce our world’s waste by regenerating it into a useful yard addition. It is also an extremely safe product for kids and pets to play on. Our crew can even add a 1-inch padding layer into the turf for extra safety and comfort.

Artificial Turf (Fake Grass) vs Real Grass

When comparing real grass to artificial turf, we need to look at more than just the price. Artificial grass can be more costly upfront but tends to save homeowners a large sum of money once installed. However, we must also consider the location, lawn growth, and color. If your lawn receives too much or too little sun, regular grass might not be the best option. If regular grass tends not to grow, fake grass could be just the thing you need. Synthetic turf is also great if you prefer lots of vibrant color in your yard.

  • There are also a few questions to consider.
  • Do you mind a costly water bill each month to maintain your grass?
  • Does your lawn get enough sunlight to cause regular grass to grow?
  • Is the color of natural grass too dull for you?

If so, consider the following points below.

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Real grass needs lots of water to be healthy and vibrant in color. To maintain vibrance, you will need to water your yard consistently. A lawn sprinkler system may seem like the solution. However, it can be a significant expense that comes with having regular grass. Just from watering the grass alone, homeowners incur high water bills every month.

Once the grass grows, cutting the lawn becomes a problem. This problem can quickly turn into another expense. When the yard needs mowing, you have close to two options. You can spend your own time and energy to trim it, which may get exhausting. Or you can pay to hire a lawn maintenance company. If the grass on your lawn grows fast, this requires more of your time to maintain the property. If you hire a maintenance crew, you can expect more frequent visits, which is more money down.

In addition to these pesky monthly costs, there is another possibility of a problem. The lawn could be watered, trimmed, and fertilized frequently, yet the grass will not grow. Homeowners often complain about this issue, especially in areas of intense heat, dryness, or lack of sunshine. This issue also occurs on properties with far too much shade. Regardless, homeowners may struggle with a lack of growth on their lawn for a long time. They may continue to invest more time and money, only to end up once more with dead grass in their yard.

Artificial turf can skip this entire troublesome process. Since fake grass needs no watering, there is no monthly water bill for your lawn. In addition, our synthetic grass can go years without maintenance. Artificial turf will also hold its bright color for years to come. We can even install drainage systems such as french drains or sump-pump drains below the artificial turf. With the help of these drains, your property will drain much faster than any lawn made of real grass. The high drainage rate for synthetic turf prevents any major flooding problems. It can save homeowners a tremendous amount of money with the frequent flooding in Houston, Texas.

Homeowners may find artificial grass to be a worthwhile investment. Fake grass can cause homes to rise in value by at least 15%-20%. Meaning artificial turf is causing these owners to receive a high return on their investment! Real grass, however, does not add much value to a home. Instead, real grass can cause potential buyers to stray from buying a home if the lawn is not well-kept.

Artificial Grass- Types

Here at Houston Landscape Pros, we can install many different types of synthetic grass at your residence. Unique infills can be embedded into the turf to add to the texture and provide extra benefits for the property owner. The owner can choose between various compositions of the fake grass along with the infill of their desire. The synthetic grass ranges in texture from coarse and rough to soft and plush. Artificial turf also varies in height. The fake grass can be short and thin, or long and full. There are also many colors to choose from when it comes to artificial grass. For more information and studies about synthetic turf and infills, visit

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

One of our most popular fake grass products is our Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf. This synthetic grass gains so much attention due to the vast benefits it offers. It is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, meaning your pets are free to dig around and play safely on the lawn. It also allows animals to urinate on the synthetic turf since it will drain, not stain. Since the grass is not real, pet owners do not have to worry about their animals killing or discoloring the grass. The color is estimated to lose only 8% of its intensity over ten years.

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Pet-friendly artificial turf is often installed with an infill called Zeolite. Zeolite cools down the temperature of the lawn while simultaneously attracting and eliminating any bad smells. The turf’s design also prevents insects from breaching the surface or abiding in the seams of the fake grass. This pet-friendly turf provides various benefits for pet owners, making it an excellent option for their lawn.

At Houston Landscape Pros, we offer additional services to spruce up the new, pet-friendly lawn. New fountains, walkways, and flowers pair wonderfully with this fake grass. We can make any of these additions to the installation to give you the beautiful lawn that you desire.

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Sport Turf

There are various types of sporting artificial turf. Some are used for playgrounds, soccer, golf, and many more activities. These types are often similar because they need extra layers of cushioning in case of accidents. The infills used may also be alike due to the cooling properties they serve. Sporting infills reduce the temperature of the lawn to prevent athletes or children from burns and excessive heat.

When building soccer fields or new playgrounds, we have just the right synthetic grass that you will need. We can add extra support to the artificial turf’s surface to prevent scrapes or serious injuries. Some fake grass we offer will ensure safety from 8 to 10-feet falls, helping the damage become much less severe. Burns can also be minimized with our infills that cool down the turf’s fibers during Houston’s hottest days. Joined with our outdoor lighting, the family can play on the fields at any time of the day.

Another type of artificial grass that Houston Landscape Pros provides is for golf courses. You can now install putting greens in your front yard, back yard, or side yard! This synthetic turf can even be installed indoors! Anywhere you desire your personalized course, Houston Landscape Pros can bring your idea to life. This variation of artificial grass is shorter and fuller to imitate a typical golf course. Scroll through our website to get ideas on the finishing touches we can provide for your new at-home golf course!

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Artificial Grass Frequently Ask Questions and Answers:

We, at Houston Landscape Pros, know that every client is unique. The best synthetic grass for your lawn depends on you and your desires. Each yard has a different layout with a variety of factors that must be taken into consideration. Our website provides insight into the process of synthetic turf installation, along with the benefits of each turf that we offer. We designed the information to give our customers a more profound knowledge of fake grass. With this education, you can make the most informed decision to purchase the artificial grass your lawn needs.

The best synthetic grass for dogs is our non-toxic and pet-friendly type. It drains animal urine and is entirely safe for pets to play on. When it collides with Zeolite, it will remove any odors that may be lingering over the lawn.

Read more on our web site’s page for artificial grass! This article gives a helpful explanation of this pet-friendly turf. It also shows how it is so beneficial for pets and their owners.

Most experts predict artificial grass to last for 15-20 years. The color alone has been projected to decrease by only 8% throughout ten years. Therefore, you can expect the hue to remain vibrant for years to come. A pro tip is to hose off the lawn to remove any hidden dirt remaining on the fake grass. If your turf has bent over time, this can be fixed with very little maintenance using a push broom or power broom. This tool can help your artificial lawn to perk back up and stand even straighter.

Yes, synthetic grass can cover a concrete surface. However, drainage and comfort may be arising problems. Typically, artificial turf drains even better than lawns made of real grass. But when fake grass covers concrete, more work may go into this project to ensure proper drainage. The hard concrete may also make the area less cushiony than artificial grass installed over dirt. Luckily, Houston Landscape Pros has professionals that can provide you with more options to combat this problem. We offer thick padding and cushions for greater comfort to make this project successful. We are here to assist you in making the best decision for installing artificial turf onto your property.

If a client has lots of windows by their lawn, the sun may reflect onto the artificial grass. This reflection can cause some types of fake turf to scorch and discolor. There are at least two solutions to this problem:

Opt for 100% nylon turf instead of artificial grass made 100% of recycled plastics.

Tint the windows that are facing the lawn. With tinted windows, you can install our eco-friendly plastic turf without any worries about burning the fake grass. Window tinting can also provide lots of other benefits for your home. It works to block 99% of UV rays, preventing any damage to your skin, eyes, furniture, paintings, and more. With tinted windows, the cost of air conditioning will also decrease. Since less heat is entering the home, less air will need to circulate to maintain a cool temperature.