Landscape Pavers

Landscape pavers are considered “hardscaping” and it refers to the paved areas such as sidewalks, patios, retaining walls and/or bed borders of your landscape installation. Proper use of pavers in a landscape design will add improved aesthetics and provide a beautiful outdoor living area for your backyard and front yard. Based on your preference, we provide brick, concrete or natural stone pavers.
At Houston Landscape Pros, we offer all types of pavers for your landscape bed borders, patio, outdoor kitchen, pool deck area, landscape pathways and much more.

Landscape Pavers Houston

Landscape Paver Walkways

On full backyard landscape installations, walkways can be used as part of the full landscape design. When done properly, a walkway will enhance the look of the landscape. Below are a few examples of walkways using a variety of pavers. The images illustrated below are from pavers manufactured by Pavestone. We also install pavers from other manufacturers sold in Houston, Texas.

Landscape Edging / Border Pavers

Pavers are often used to define landscape beds. They also help prevent soil erosion from rain. There are a wide variety of material options including natural stone, concrete and brick. When deciding on the use of landscape paver edging, our recommendations will be based on the overall landscape design of your home. We will consider functionality and aesthetics. As a rule of thumb, the landscape edging should be of similar material as used on your paver walkways or patio pavers. This will help maintain the overall look of your hardscape design.

Paver Retaining Walls

In the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, paver retaining walls are less common due the terrain being so flat. Of course, if you find your property is on natural or manmade slope, paver retaining walls can be used.

Pavers and Water Fountains

Water fountains are becoming more and more common in landscape designs. Pavers are often used to enhance the look of the water feature. Many of the same landscape edging pavers are also used with water fountains.

Patio Pavers

On residential installations, the most common use of pavers is as a backyard patio floor. We offer various pavers for your patio. Below, you will find a few examples of patio pavers that we offer. For a more extensive list, please visit our Patio Pavers section located on the “Outdoor Living” area of our website.

Pool Deck Pavers

Many of the same pavers used on patios can also be used on pool decks.