Sump-Pump Drainage System

Why use a sump pump drainage system and not some other landscape drainage system? Sometimes traditional landscape drainage systems, such as french drains or catch basins, cannot resolve abnormal flooding issues on their own. Instead, we install a drainage system that includes a sump pump. As a result, the excess water will drain to the street rather than get stuck in your yard. Typically, most residential homes only require a half-horsepower pump, which can pump 70 gallons per minute. This kind of power is a little excessive for most homes, but we like err on the safe side for abnormal flooding areas. However, we can also provide several other models with different horsepower, performance, and switch options. In other words, we can find the right sump pump to fit your specific needs.

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Landscape Drainage Sump-Pump

Houston Landscape Pros uses the best product available for a landscape drainage sump-pump. Our preferred brands are Little Giant and Liberty Pumps because they fit our motto of “do it right the first time and don’t pay more for less service.” Little Giant has been around for 75 years and has the most celebrated portfolio on the market. They take pride in having products that are 100% American made. Above all, Little Giant has a worldwide reputation for its innovation, efficiency, and quality. Similarly, Liberty Pumps is also a leading U.S. groundwater removal manufacturer. They began in 1965 and are just as reliable, innovative, and efficient.

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Overview of How a Sump-Pump Drainage Works:

The sump-pump drainage system is for unusual cases when a conventional drainage system is not possible. For instance, some homes do not have the necessary slope to carry the water out because the street is higher in elevation than the affected area. Having too many obstacles to create a proficient slope to a drainage system is another reason sump pumps may be necessary. The most common questions about the sump pump drainage system are: how does it work and where does the water go? How it works is simple; first, all the excess water will flow into the drainage system. Next, the drainage system will then send the water into a basin, which the sump pump will sit in. After that, the pump will push out the water collected in the basin away from the property. And there you have it: finally your home will be free of flooding.


For a sump pump install, we use top-notch materials to ensure the maximum quality of your landscape drainage system. For starters, as stated before the sump pump will be inside a basin. Not to get confused with a regular size basin, whereas this job would include a big basin to able to fit the pump inside. Depending on the drainage system required, there will usually be at least two pipes connecting to the basin. Also, all PVC pipes are connected with PVC cement to prevent any leaks.

Furthermore, for the two pipes, the bottom one will be a 4-inch PVC that connects to the drainage system, and the other one will be a 2-inch PVC that goes out of the sump pump. Attached to the 2-inch PVC will be two fittings, a check valve and a union joint. The purpose of the check valve is to make sure there is no backflow, or in other words, the water will only flow in one direction. The union joint’s, a threaded assembly that connects the end piece of a PVC, purpose is to able to disconnect the sump pump without having to cut into the piping. Thus, if something was to happen to the sump pump or if there is a need for the pump to be serviced, then it would be easily detachable. Lastly, the sump pump will need to receive power from an outlet.


Houston Landscape Pros will install the sump-pump drainage system in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and will warranty for three years from the date of installation. One of our friendly professionals would glad to help you with an on-site consultation. You can start by filling out a free landscape drainage quote form or Call Us Today! (713) 396-3320

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