Catch Basin Drain System

One of the best options for fixing landscape drainage issues is by installing a catch basin drain system. Does your property’s lawn or landscape retain water in all the wrong places? Do your landscape beds erode quickly and lose mulch and topsoil? If so, your home has a landscape drainage problem. Houston Landscape Pros are drainage contractor that provide landscape drainage solutions and service in most surrounding communities. Because it is the most economical and when done right, it works very well and when maintain properly can work for as long as you own the house. Keep in mind that if you need a drainage permit, we are licensed to do so. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff.

Catch Basin Drain History:

Are you experiencing flooding, standing water, and more? Furthermore, interested in a catch basin drain system? Invented and patented by Edward L Friedl in 1970, the catch basin drainage system (otherwise known as the storm drainage) was engineered uniquely for modern landscape drainage solutions. While cost-efficient and reliable, this system could be the answer to your landscape drainage solution. Our team wants our customers to fully be aware of the functionality, maintenance, and pricing of the catch basin drainage. We value knowledge, especially when it comes to the products that go into your property. We thought it would be interesting to show the image of the original diagram for the catch basin drain, as you can see it has not changed significantly. Below you will find a complete overview regarding catch basin drainage. Learn more about other landscape drainage solution, like french drain installation or sump-pump drainage and diverters. Enjoy!

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How Does A Catch Basin Drain System Work?

The catch basin drainage system takes its name for its unique container-like shape. It is in low areas of your yard where lots of water is collected. The basic design consists of a grate(cover) that fits into the box where water can get into it. The grating filter most unwanted debris from the water collected. The water is then forced down into the container and led away from your home through PVC pipes. These pipes are called the inflow and outlet pipes. The proper material is necessary for ensuring the longevity of this drainage. Houston Landscape Pros recommends and uses the PVC SDR 35 pipe.

What are PVC SDR 35 made of?

The pipe is of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that is a durable, hard plastic with no flexibility. The proper size for residential or small commercial building landscape drainage systems is the SDR 35, which is a general classification for a PVC pipe’s wall thickness. Unlike the corrugated drain pipes, the SDR 35 PVC pipes can be for underground use. The wall thickness provides the proper protection against friction caused by the water, movements in the soil, and potential damage from root systems. If these pipes were to get clogged, they could easily be cleaned out with an Electric Sewer Snake without damage to the pipes.

Landscape Catch Basin Installation:

The first step in the installation of a catch basin drain system is planning. We analyze your specific topography to identify sources of water (downspouts) and low & high spots in the landscape. The catch basin landscape drainage works best if installed at a low spot (the lowest ground level where water flows) to catch and stop water accumulation. A trench is later excavated and accommodated on catch basin size. The bigger the catch basin, the bigger the channel. The cover of the catch basin is adjacent to ground level while the rest of the drainage cover with existing excavated soil. The trench is always oriented 1 inch deeper for every ten feet of piping to ensure proper water drainage. Next, we punch five holes—each corner and middle—in the bottom of the container to allow standing water to fluctuate out.

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6-Inch Catch Basin Drain

Installation around backyard pool
catch basin drain instalation 77024

This 6in catch basin system is to target small flooded areas. Make an Appointment Today!

catch basin drain system houston

12-Inch Catch Basin Drain

Installation at the end of backyad patio deck
catch basin drain installation 77042

This 12-inch catch basin system is used to target big flooded areas. Make an appointment Today!


How to Clean a Catch Basin Drain System?

The catch-basin drainage system is one of the most straightforward methods to clean. Since this system design for all the debris collects in the basins (hence the name catch-basin), all one has to do is take the grated top off and clean it out. Make sure the debris never raises above the level of the inlet, which is where the water and anything else in the basin will enter the pipes. It is essential that the debris never accumulates higher than the channel because otherwise, there is a higher risk of clogging the pipes. We recommend cleaning this system at least every six months. We also recommend doing it before and after a heavy rainstorm.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Many factors can impact the cost of a catch basin drain system. For instance, some of the same optical like in french drain installation that can make the work harder to install would be root systems, sprinkler system pipes, and swimming pool pipes. A typical catch basin system can range from roughly $1,200 for a small job to $9,000 large installations. Keep in mind that Houston Landscape Pros has two Texas licensed irrigator to fix the sprinkler problem the crew might run into on the spot. For more information, contact us today! Free on-site consultation!

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