Why Hire Landscape Lighting Professional Contractor?

Some homeowners may wonder why landscape lighting professional if they can do it themselves to save money on the labor. You might think that outdoor lighting is a DIY kind of project. However, there are several important reasons why you should hire a professional. A landscape lighting contractor has navigated the complexities of landscape lighting projects and solved issues related to the installation process. The expertise of professionals will save you from an unpleasant experience. An experienced installer knows about design, components, tools, and troubleshooting. There are two main reasons why people hire professionals. First, they want the job done right the first time. Second, they don’t want to experience the inevitable issues caused by amateur work. Ultimately, if you would like to come home to a beautifully lit house every night without fail, give us a call.

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Where to place Landscape lighting?

The first answer to why hire landscape lighting professional is that professionals know the best placement for outdoor lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting professionals follow two essential rules. The first rule has to do with aesthetics, which is perhaps the most important to a customer. The positive effect that light has on a property depends on placing the right component for the property structure and landscape. Components differ significantly based on the angle or wattage of the lighting fixtures. Every house is different by design, and the pros have experience in creating the proper effects of any home. They understand complex problems like correlated color temperature (CCT). The second rule concerns technical issues. Professionals follow construction codes and know how to plan wires runs by creating zones to make sure the system is not overloaded. They also focus on preventing future problems like accidental wire cuts from other contractors.

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Outdoor Lighting Features

In outdoor lighting features, there are many types to choose from, such as accent lights, wall wash lights, wall lights, and in-ground lights. Each comes in different levels of brightness, beam spreads, and color temperatures. Out of the many types of outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers, Houston Landscape Pros chooses to use only Kichler lighting products. Kichler is a leader in Advanced LED outdoor lighting. Their products are reliable, maintenance-free, and save customers money in the long haul due to the longevity of their products. Kichler designs its LED components in such a way that they use 75% less electricity than any other standard lighting fixture. As a result, you enjoy a well-lit outdoor living without seeing your electricity bill skyrocket.

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Landscape Lighting Low-Voltage Transformer

In the outdoor lighting market, low-voltage is in high demand due to its energy efficiency.  The Professional Series Transformers will take your home’s 120 voltage and convert it safely to between 12 voltage to 15 voltage. On top of that, the transformers have a high-efficiency toroid and coil configuration.  As a result, you will be pleased with the benefits of outdoor lighting without a dramatic increase in your energy bill.

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Is Landscape lighting Easy To Install?

There are two misconceptions regarding the installation of outdoor landscape lighting. First, many people may think that running wires are easy. In theory, it’s a piece of cake. In reality, it’s not easy when you consider cutting through landscape shrubs, tree roots, sidewalks, and possibly driveways. Professionals use heavy-duty tools such as a Sidewalk Sleever to bore under paths. How about troubleshooting? What happens if you have a blinking lighting fixture? You may not have enough voltage, or you could be getting power fluctuations or surges. It could be as simple as a connection fail, but you need a voltage meter and know how to use it to solve the issue.

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How long does it take to install landscape lighting?

The second misconception about outdoor landscape lighting regards the time commitment. Many people also think that an outdoor lighting installation is quick. In reality, it’s not a fast process for your typical homeowner. How much is your time worth? An amateur will begin first by devoting time to thinking about how to do the job before even starting the work. For the professionals, it is just another job with a streamlined process. Professionals will go straight to laying out the components and running the wires. An individual will take several days or longer for a typical lighting installation. Are you okay with the yard being in disarray during this time? Professionals will take a day maximum to complete the job. In some cases, it only takes a few hours. Now, if you are ready to look for outdoor landscaping lighting ideas, visit our page to get some inspiration.

Landscape Lighting Benefits

The most common question to answer is: “how will outdoor lighting increase the enjoyment of a home?” Professional landscape outdoor lighting will not only add curb appeal when the day turns to night, but it will also extend your outdoor living space by making it more inviting. Most entertaining occurs at night, so you want it to be safe and welcoming for your guests. Outdoor lighting can enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space, whether the occasion is a romantic evening on the patio, a backyard barbecue, or a graduation party. With so many activities happening at night, investing in landscape path lighting will keep your family and friends safe from tripping on a dark walkway or steps. Another benefit of outdoor lighting besides enjoyment is protection. A well-lit home will increase safety by decreasing the chances of a break-in.

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Landscape lighting benefits to backyard walkway for safety.

Other Benefits to Outdoor Lighting

However, you might be wondering to yourself, “how will landscaping lighting boost the property value of my house?” Many studies have shown that a good landscape design paired with outdoor lighting can increase property value as much as 20%. Outdoor lighting will boost the property value of any home because curb appeal goes hand in hand with property value. Thus, landscape lighting is a worthy investment for your home. Houston Landscape Pros is ready when you are! Give us a call Today!

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