Landscape Lighting-FAQ

In the reading below you will find some interesting landscape lighting-FAQ and why Houston Landscape Pros is the company for you! Why go without landscape light when you can have it do professionally install in no time without the hassle. Contact us today!

Common Outdoor Lighting Problems

Houston Landscape Pros only uses the best products for our clients. The reason we use Kichler light product has tested against common problems that arise with outdoor lighting. Throughout the years and in present times, we have found clients asking us to replace their outdoor landscape lighting. We have noticed that 90% of failures in landscape lighting happens within the lighting fixture itself. Another problem is the wire connections to the outdoor lighting fixture. Issues in the lighting fixture, occur due to moisture infiltrating the electronics components, which permanently damages the wires, which results in a loss of the lighting fixture. Problems in the wire connections happen when the wrong wire connectors installed. It causes moisture to penetrate the stripped wires and shorts the circuit.

Common Outdoor Lighting Problems 77042

We have learned that customers understandably get very frustrated with the fact that they have spent much money on outdoor landscape lighting and come home late at night to see one or several of the lighting fixtures not working. To avoid these problems, we only use Kichler outdoor lighting because they have been tested time and time again to be the leading light manufactures with the best quality products. Houston Landscape Pros would be glad to help you with Free on-site consultation. You can start by filling out a free landscape lighting quote form!

Landscape Lighting Warranty

Another landscape lighting- FAQ is the warranty we offer our clients. Because Houston Landscape Pros uphold ourselves to the highest level of customer satisfaction, we offer a 3-year warranty that covers everything from the fixture to the installation. The warranty is in our service agreement. Kichler outdoor lighting also provides limited warranty depending on the product. For more question, please call us at 713-396-3320 to speak to one of our team representatives.

Outdoor Lighting Costs

How much does outdoor lighting cost is the most landscape lighting-FAQ? After more than nine years in this business, we have found that our expenses that preserve the best quality ranges. It starts from $800.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the size of the property and how many lighting fixtures are wanted. We choose Kichler’s commercial grade landscape lighting over everything else in the industry because of its guaranteed quality and warranty. If budget is an issue, we recommend starting with the area most important to you. Whether it’s the front yard or the back yard landscape is your first choice. We recommend starting with 4 to 6 outdoor lighting fixtures and the transformer. If you anticipate more needing more accessories in the future, make sure to purchase a big enough transformer. We will gladly visit your home to determine the best lighting option for your landscape and your budget.

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